With all of the magically adorable merchandise and constant Disney fashion buzz, I often find myself being totally overwhelmed– and so does my Disneyland Dooney & Bourke! I am lulled to sleep nightly by mindlessly swiping images on my iPhone , adding my latest finds to wish lists and shopping carts. Keeping updated on the latest trends and combining my passion for all things Disney and fashion is well, to quote Ursula, “What I liiiiiiiiiive for.” Sure, I added my name to a waiting list at my local Kate Spade store in Las Vegas for the upcoming Minnie Mouse handbag collection. I most definitely corner my favorite makeup artists at Sephora weekly for any updates on the Minnie Mouse makeup line to be released soon. I’ve waited in countless lines and survived online shopping battles for RunDisney sneakers, Minnie Mouse UGGS, Disney nail polish collections, purses, jewelry… Does it ever end?? With each blissful swipe of my debit card I feel a rush of excitement and achievement, secretly hoping that THIS is what I’ve been searching for and will finally make me beautiful.

“She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for embracing beauty is found within.” –Beauty and the Beast

I struggled with a topic for my introductory article and found myself being prompted to do some hefty soul searching within myself, as none of the treasures I bought ever made me more beautiful or ultimately happy. As we start this new Friday fashion blog series, I’d like to emphasize the importance of embracing the beauty in each and every one of us, regardless of what we look like or wear. I am incessantly reminding myself of this and need constant reminders, almost hourly. Although it is fun to make these purchases and I work terribly hard for what I have, it’s not what matters. Disney fashion is fun, despite your budget, gender or size. Beauty doesn’t have a particular “look.” A new article of clothing or tube of lipstick is incapable of determining what kind of person we genuinely are. We are all deserving of feeling beautiful and fashionable, no matter what our financial situations may be. I truly believe that if we carry kindness and magic in our hearts, it will radiate on the outside. All of the purses, makeup and clothing are extra fluff and fun.

“Open different doors, you may find a you there that you never knew was yours. Anything can happen.”–Mary Poppins


Being fashionable is an expressive and creative art that can be made any way YOU want! Wear what makes you comfortable and is everything your heart desires. The Main Street Mouse has created a safe and loving place, where each of us is accepted.. despite our personal fashion sense! Being stylish like Minnie can be achieved with what you have at home, a craft store, thrift store, mall, yard sale, the possibilities are endless! Have FUN! It’s not about being skinny or fat. Rich or poor. Tall or short. I battle my weight, skin, hair, and bank account daily!!! Explore the world around you, think outside of the box and find what works for you. My wish today is that you all take a good look in your mirror and know that you are fabulous-just the way you are. Be kind, encourage and help those around you and your true beauty will shine.

“When will my reflection show, who I am, inside.”–Mulan

Mirror: Sephora $32

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