“That” Disney Friend: We all know at least one.

One thing about Disney is that there are so many different areas that generate fans.  But there are some very specific things that people collect or enjoy that are taken to the next level.  These people are not mere fans, they are full blown fanatics.  This is a special breed of fan that completely immerses themselves in specific facts or types of merchandise that is Disney related.  One thing that most people don’t realize is that there are different species of Disney Fanatics.  Today we are going to focus on just a few.

Mugerous Hoarderious – More commonly known as “The Disney Mug Hoarder”

Disney Coffe Mugs

These mostly nocturnal creatures have a special affinity for coffee and the vessels that deliver the life giving nectar that they require in order to function on a daily basis.  Second only to the love of the arabica bean is their love of Disney, so it makes perfect sense that their Disney Mug Collection will be quite extensive.


Parkous Correctorous – More commonly known as “The Walking Disney Encyclopedia”

JaneAngry Jane

This is is one of the more aggressive species on our list. Don’t be fooled by their pleasant exterior.  If they hear just one piece of incorrect information about Disney in their general vicinity they will undoubtedly come to the “Rescue” with the correct info, whether asked to or not.  Their senses are particularly heightened once their enter their natural habitat such as Disney fan sites or any Disney Park.


Pinious Cushionous – More commonly known as “The Disney Pin Cushion”

Pin cushion

When visiting any one of the Disney properties you are likely to encounter at least one of the brightly colored pin vest wearers.  However this particular subject is rarely seen wearing their plumage outside of the parks.  One of the only other times you may see one outside of their habitat is if they migrating to one of there pin trading grounds.


Keep an eye out for these unique individuals in your everyday life.  You might just find that you too could be classified as a “That” Disney Friend.


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