Awesome Cinnamon Rolls at Gaston’s Tavern, Magic Kingdom!


I know there are a lot of Disney Foodies out there, myself included, and sometimes there are so many good treats to choose from while at Disney, we need some reminders of what’s there. New Fantasyland is one of my favorite places at the Magic Kingdom. The scenery and such is so detailed and nice. While ducking in from the rain, I was reminded that back at Gaston’s Tavern, they have those amazingly big cinnamon rolls that used to be sold on Main Street. They have chocolate croissants too, but the cinnamon roll looked too good to pass up. For just over $4.00, you can get one of these yummy treats, and they are big enough to share! I like to find snacks big enough for the kids to share so it cuts back on cost a bit, and this is one of those finds! Don’t forget to watch for Gaston while you’re over there, he does make appearances throughout the day.

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