As most know, the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights went out for the last time this past Wednesday, much to the despair of many Disney fans. Last night, we went over to the area where the Osborne Lights once danced to check things out and see what was still there. The mood was quiet and sad. There was a Cast Member still taking photos near the canopy area, even though the canopy was dark. We walked around and took some pics, someone left a thank you note on one of the chairs too, very sad! You could hear people talking about how much they are going to miss the lights, and what great memories they had because of them.



We had a few fast passes to use, some Star Wars fireworks to see, then we headed back to the lights area to take another look. Wow, what a difference. The Streets of America were quiet and somber. There were only a few people walking around, trying to take photos in the dark. So, what does all of this say about the hearts of Disney fans? To me, it means we are sentimental for the things that brought us great joy and memories. Yes, we want Disney World to move forward, but it truly is hard to see certain things go. It’s surreal. As I stood there, basically alone, I grabbed my phone and hit record so I could take you on a walk through what’s left of the Osborne Lights with me! Check it out below, and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel while you’re there! We have more great videos coming in 2016! Thanks so much! ~M

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