The Disney Guide to Getting Over a Breakup

January 10, 2016 ,

Disney fans are often hopeless romantics, and that can make it extra crushing if things don’t work out with the person you love. But Disney fans don’t give up on love—they move bravely onward in the quest to find happily ever after.

You don’t have to do all the hard work yourself, either. Your Disney pals are here to inspire you to keep on believing. If ever your heart is grieving, here are some things to remember, as well as some things to try to help you keep moving forward:

Try this: When the pain is fresh, be kind to yourself.


That means doing anything that will put a little smile on your face. Bake something delicious, read your favorite book, curl up in a giant blanket and watch your favorite romantic Disney movie to remind yourself that love is out there… pick one or all three. Take care of yourself.

And remember: Wrong relationships have to end so that the right one can someday begin.


It turns out that this person wasn’t your prince or princess. That can hurt, especially if you were convinced otherwise. But the good news is that now you know, and suddenly your world is open to finding the person you’re meant to be with. Anna never would have realized that Kristoff was the one for her if Hans hadn’t betrayed her. An even better love story is out there waiting for you.

Try this: Give yourself permission to be sad.


Don’t feel guilty that it takes you time to move on. Your emotions are all valid and a reminder that you’re human, you’re alive, and you’re capable of joy. Think of Megara and how badly she was hurt by someone she loved—that pain didn’t make her any less of a person. She found love eventually, and so will you.

And remember: When something ends, let it go.


When you’re feeling lonely, it can seem difficult to channel your inner Elsa and begin the process of letting go. Don’t give into the temptation to cling. Say what you need to say, get it all out in the open, and then delete that number, stop looking at their social media, and focus on yourself. Your time, thoughts, and words are precious—don’t spend them where they aren’t appreciated. Remember: the past is in the past.

Try this: Refuse to let your sadness turn into wallowing.


It’s time to adopt a “Hakuna Matata” attitude. You’re the master of your own universe! The king of your jungle! You have complete control of how you spend your time and energy, and if you decide to remind yourself that you have no worries for the rest of your days, you might wake up one day and realize that it’s become effortlessly true.

And remember: It was never a waste of time.


No matter how short or long your relationship was, or if it even got off the ground in the first place, it taught you invaluable lessons about yourself. Even though Quasimodo didn’t end up with Esmeralda, having her as a friend helped him learn to love and stand up for himself. No relationship is a waste if it taught you even one thing about yourself and what you want.

Try this: Get out of the house.


It’s time for a change of scene. It doesn’t have to be anything wild, but for the love of all that is good in the world, leave your tower! There is a great big beautiful world out there, filled with floating lanterns and cool people. Stop asking when your life will begin and decide to begin it today.

And remember: Become someone you love, and others will love you too.


You have to be brave to be happy on your own. If leaving your comfort zone to explore new places on your own seems scary, think of Merida and how beautifully she embraces the idea of freedom. Only you can create happiness for yourself, so remind yourself that you’re all you need. And remember that you need to love yourself first before you can love anyone else.

Try this: Hang out with other humans.


Once you’ve gotten comfortable spending time alone, it’s time for you to be where the people are. Hang with your parents and siblings. Catch up with your old friends and plan activities that will give you something fun to look forward to. When you’re out exploring on your own, talk to the people around you. Be open to making new friends even when you aren’t expecting to.

And remember: Don’t rush into something new just for the sake of it.


While you’re out in the world meeting new people, it can be tempting to jump right into a new relationship. Keep in mind that no one’s making you meet your matchmaker, and there’s a lot of value in allowing yourself to be single and spending time getting to know your reflection and who you are inside.

Try this: Focus on yourself. What have you always wanted to do?


If you’ve been guilty of trying to change who you are for somebody else, now’s the chance to get to know yourself again. Aladdin thought he needed to be a sultan to impress Jasmine, and he had it backwards. If you’ve fallen into that trap too, just remember that, like Aladdin, you’ll never be as great at being somebody else as you will be at being yourself. Find out where your passions lie and explore that whole new world.

And remember: Your dreams come first.


If you look at this stage of your life as a fresh start, you can begin to rediscover the dreams you may have put on the backburner while you were spending so much of your time on someone else. Figure out some specific goals you want to accomplish, write them down, and tell yourself that starting today, they are your new focus. Use Tiana as your inspiration and work hard every single day to reach them, and someday you’ll find that falling in love with the right person just means having another person to support you on your way towards your dreams.

Try this: Adventure, explore, dream, discover.


You were born for so much more than a provincial life. If you need to make a big change to live the life you want, be bold like Belle and find your adventure in the great wide somewhere. Losing someone is tough, but you’re tougher, and you’re going to do remarkable things.

And remember: Above all, trust.


Trust yourself to make good decisions and create your own happiness, trust that if you follow your heart, other people will recognize how amazing you are, and trust that someday your prince or princess will come.

Happily ever after will find you—you just have to keep believing.




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