Winter Woods Tree Treats


Here’s another cute recipe idea from Disney Family!

As home to the ice-talent fairies of Pixie Hollow, the Winter Woods is a magical place filled with icy blue waterfalls and snow-covered trees. Covered with white chocolate, shimmery sugars, and flaked coconut, this wintry fairy forest replica makes an extra sweet treat for kids to decorate and eat.

What You’ll Need

Tray lined with waxed paper

6 ice cream sugar cones

Package of white Candy Melts

Shallow microwavable bowl

Butter knife

Decorative toppings, such as white and/or blue sugar crystals, sugar pearls or similar confections, and shredded coconut

Helpful Tip
It’s easier to roll and lift the cones by inserting two fingers into the center. Let the candy coating set up a bit.

How To Make It

1 Pour half of the Candy Melts into a shallow microwavable bowl, and melt them according to the package directions.
2 Individually roll each sugar cone in the melted candy to give it a base coat and then set it, pointed end up, on the waxed-paper lined tray.
3 Re-melt the remaining candy in the bowl, adding more to it if needed. Again, working with one cone at a time, use the butter knife to spread on a second layer of melted candy. Don’t worry about spreading it smoothly; the tree will look even better if the candy is applied unevenly to create texture.
4 Decorate each tree before the second layer of candy coating hardens by sprinkling on colored sugars and/or gently pressing sugar pearls or shredded coconut against it. Allow the coating to set up once again, and your sweet-and-snowy cone trees are ready to display or serve.

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