QUIZ: ‘Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade’ at Magic Kingdom Park

From Nate Rasmussen, Archivist, Marketing Resource Center and posted on the Disney Parks Blog.

When was your last trip to Magic Kingdom Park? Have you had a chance to see “Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade” and all of its amazing floats? Test your knowledge of this amazing spectacle below.

‘Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade’ at Magic Kingdom Park

1. When did the ‘Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade’ debut at Magic Kingdom Park?


a. January 2014

b. March 2014

c. May 2014

2. What’s the opening float in the ‘Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade’?


a. The Princess Garden Float

b. “Peter Pan” Float

c. “Brave” Float

3. How long is the ‘Tangled’ float in the ‘Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade’?


a. 22 feet

b. 28 feet

c. 36 feet

4. How tall is the Steampunk-inspired Dragon in the ‘Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade’?


a. 20 feet

b. 26 feet

c. 35 feet

5. What do Mickey and Minnie Mouse travel in during the finale of the ‘Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade’?

a. A hot air balloon float

b. A Casey Jr. inspired float

c. A flying elephant float



1. b. March 2014

2. a. The Princess Garden Float

3. c. 36 feet

4. b. 26 feet

5. a. A hot air balloon float


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