Saturday evening on our way out of a rainy evening at the Magic Kingdom, I made quick stop to the Pandora section at Updown Jewelers. Not only do they have magically themed beads and charms, but they also have gorgeous rings. Some of the rings, like the Princess crown one that I wear, can be combined with multiple Pandora rings for a stacked look. Well, they now have an easier way for guests to try on and see what kind of Pandora ring they would like the best!


In the front corner of the Pandora store, there is a table full of rings for you to browse through. The rings are attached to a cord, so they pull out easy. This makes it much more convenient for guests to try on rings to decide which ring looks best for them, and not have to wait for a display to be taken out of a case. So the next time you’re walking up Main Street USA, stop by Pandora and try on a ring or two, they’re adorable!

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