Star Wars Weekends, Symphony in the Stars Fireworks

Star Wars Weekends, Symphony in the Stars Fireworks 1


As most of you know, Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios have officially begun.  The park was crowded, and filled with Star Wars enthusiasts who look forward to this time of year each May.  For us, it was our first visit to Star Wars weekends, and we weren’t sure what to expect.  We do have Star Wars fans in our house, and even though I’m not as up on the fandom as they are, I was still looking forward to checking things out.  I thought over the next couple of weeks, we’d choose various parts of Star Wars Weekends, and talk about them individually, since there’s so much to cover. So tonight, let’s talk about fireworks!


Last Summer we really enjoyed the Frozen Fireworks at the Studios, and I was looking forward to seeing the Star Wars show.  Symphony in the Stars is beautifully choreographed to the familiar yet epic Star Wars music that we all know and love.


We’re used to seeing fireworks behind the Sorcerer’s Hat, so this was a new one for us too. My younger son misses the hat, but with the stage up you almost forget that it’s gone. Something worth mentioning though, with the hat being gone, you can actually see more of the fireworks now. They’re really vibrant and exciting to watch.


The Symphony in the Stars fireworks show is amazing, we watched it both nights and plan to see them again.  The finale lights up the sky with how far it stretches, and guests leave feeling happy. It’s the perfect ending to your day at Star Wars Weekends.


TMSM will be reporting on more events from this years Star Wars Weekends, so stay tuned…. and May the Force Be With You! ~M

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