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Star Wars Weekends has finally fallen upon us, and I thought I would share my Star Wars Weekends Survival Kit!

You of course need your Star Wars bag to carry all of your necessities! For us, we carry my little brothers Darth Vader backpack. My family is big on the dark side so you have to make sure to support your side in every shape and form.

You need all of your autographing necessities. We like to carry character encyclopedias instead of a standard autograph book because it is a cool little keepsake. Each year we go back and get more signatures. We just added the Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars this year. Also, you can’t forget your rainbow assortment of sharpies! You need to make sure you have the right color sharpie to autograph over those different colored encyclopedia pages! A little tip we learned is to have a silver sharpie on hand for dark colored pages. It shows up much better than most.

You can’t forget all of your lightsabers! You can’t walk around at work or school carrying a lightsaber or Boba Fett gun, so now is the perfect time to do so! I know I wish I could walk around my school carrying a Boba Fett gun, but sadly I can’t. I take advantage of Star Wars Weekends to do so!


On top of all these fun supplies, don’t forget to pack plenty of snacks and water. It gets hot down here so you want to stay hydrated! Also, don’t forget your camera. There are so many great photo opportunities. And last but not least bring extra batteries and chargers for phones and cameras, depending on how long you plan on spending there you are going to need back up!

I hope this gives you guys an idea as to what to bring! Of course we all have our different ideas of a necessity so leave a comment telling me what you bring in your Star Wars Weekends bag!!


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