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As soon as we arrived at the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Weekend,we realized that costumes and running gear were as much a part of the experience as the run itself. The level of dedication, creativity, and innovation that went into creating some of these costumes was amazing–one participant did the whole Tink 10K in a full Captain Hook ensemble, mustache and all.

We’re already brainstorming what we’re going to wear next year. We gathered up some of our favorites to use as inspiration, take a look!

Toy Story Awesomeness


This particular group of running pals are quite epic. They did the full run in these Toy Story-inspired costumes, complete with Buzz Lightyear flared robot legs, a Zurg costume and yes, even Sid!

Darth Vadar + Tutu


At the Tink Half Marathon, a tutu is almost as essential as running shoes. But what is one to do when they want to dress up as Darth Vadar? This runner really made it work, and we love her style.

Captain Hook + Crocodile


We loved the creative interpretations of Disney Fairies and Peter Pan we saw at the race, but this one took it to the next level. Is it croc/Captain Hook? Is it the crocodile mid-bite? Is it even possible to run in? Either way, it’s amazing.

Running Minnies


Being the proponents of #MinnieStyle that we are, we of course loved this coordinated group of racers in Minnie tutus and ears.

Fairy Friends


These runners not only had beautiful wings, but we really loved that homemade, yellow, flower-petal skirt.

Functional Fairy Wear


This group is rocking some of the major trends we saw at the race. Bright green Tink shoes, sequined running skirts that were still light enough to jog in, coordinated tanks and matching smiles.

All the Tutus


When in doubt, just throw a bright tutu over your jogging outfit and you’re immediately ready for the race. Also, those Buzz Lightyear wings are amazing.

Cruella De Vil


We have so much respect for these Cruella De Vil-inspired outfits. Their tutus are the same black and white of Cruella’s hair, and their spotted dalmatian arm warmers are also functional. Too good.

Wings Win


These two have the best wing game we’ve seen in a long time. Such height, such color. Hope they weren’t too hard to run with.


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