DIY Hair Braid Ideas, Inspired by Tangled!

I really love the movie Tangled. Rapunzel is probably my new favorite Disney Princess, or at least a runner up with Cinderella. That being said, the Disney Style Blog recently put out a Rapunzel inspired series of hair braid tutorials and I wanted to share it with our readers. Some look easier than others, but they’re pretty so why not give it a go! Good luck!

Can you imagine having hair that’s 70 feet long? We certainly can’t, which is why we give major kudos to Rapunzel for her supreme hair care (seriously, does she get split ends?). While we love her major locks, we also love the scene in Tangled where Rapunzel’s hair is transformed into an an amazing, multi-braid masterpiece. It’s so unique, and truly reflects Rapunzel’s creative spirit. So, to inspire your own braiding skills, we rounded up some of our favorite tutorials that we think Rapunzel would be a big fan of.

Rapunzel Hair Ribbon 1 of 10 Click for larger view
String Weaver Braid 2 of 10 Click for larger view
Fishtail Braided Headband 3 of 10 Click for larger view
French Braid Bangs 4 of 10 Click for larger view
Relaxed Triple Braid 5 of 10 Click for larger view
Classic French Braid 6 of 10 Click for larger view
Rope Braid Updo 7 of 10 Click for larger view
Double Side Braids 8 of 10 Click for larger view
Dutch Side Braid 9 of 10 Click for larger view
Messy Braided Crown 10 of 10 Cllick for larger view
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