Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Disney Parks

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From Jean Volante, Manager of Dream Making, Disney Floral & Gifts/DEG and posted on the Disney Parks Blog.

Even though Mother’s Day is a couple of weeks away, it’s the ideal window to plan for success so you look like the hero! If you’re like most, you may struggle with finding the right gift, let alone the right size, the right card and the list goes on. But if you’ve been fortunate enough to find the right gift that created the moment for your loved one, I bet it became an amazing memory for you as well. If only you could repeat that right? Want to know the secret to finding the right gift? Here it is: For the most part, women like gifting experiences that create a memory and warm the heart, one that shows you love her for the essence of her. I can hear the question now: “Where do I go for that?” How ’bout an enchanted florist, Disney Floral and Gifts?

Today I’m sharing two gifting experiences that can be shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. Take a look.

First, A Disney Frozen Memory – Ship to Home. This gift is brand new this year, created just for those of you celebrating at home. Imagine her smile when the kids surprise her with a silver box topped with a blue bow. When she opens the box, she’ll see this card.


She looks further and finds another silver box with this bracelet inside. And take it from me, this ice-inspired Swarovski crystal bracelet is a stunning eye-catcher. In fact, it’s the type of jewelry that goes with every outfit. Complementing the design are two sterling silver charms, one says “love” and the other is a snowflake. But, there’s one more piece.


It’s this picture frame to enhance the experience. Interested to learn how to create a magical memory with this?


Surprise her by having the kids present this gift on the eve of Mother’s Day, showing you had this holiday planned. That alone is an amazing gift. Ladies, am I right? Then, on Mother’s Day, capture an image of each child showing mom an expression of love on her special day, something they could “give back” to her. It could be as simple as the moment where they share why they love her for the essence of her. This type of experience will leave an indelible impression on the heart, yes, I said indelible. And once she places the image in the frame of the moment you captured on camera, she’ll be able to remember the experience while enjoying the bracelet.

Here’s another idea: A Magical Wish – Fulfill a Dream. For the past four years, this gift has been the coveted offering, simply because it’s so, well … so Disney.


Imagine your loved one receiving this card. Take a moment to read it.


Once she discovers the fairy tale wand included and makes her wish, which will be fulfilled by the giver of the gift, you’ll create a memory she’ll treasure. To commemorate the experience, there’s a beautiful Swarovski crystal and silver plated bracelet included that features three charms: dream, wish and believe.


The bracelet can match just about any outfit which will let her share the story of the Mother’s Day experience that you created just for her. And since there are links on the bracelet, it’s adjustable. Then, for future occasions, you could find crystal earrings or a necklace to go with the bracelet to make a set.

So here’s what to do. Check out the links above to learn more, and remember to order sooner rather than later. Since Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10, I’d order by Monday, May 4 at the latest to ensure delivery of your gift by Wednesday or Thursday, it’s always better to build in some extra time. You can order online or speak with a friendly Dream Maker at 407-WDW-GIFT (939-4438) for shipping anywhere in the continental U.S. These surprises can be delivered to any Walt Disney World Resort hotel or restaurant location.

For our guests on the west coast, these two offerings are not available at the Disneyland Resort. But the good news is there are a variety of enchanting bouquets available that will surprise and warm her heart. My favorites are the Disney Dozen – Princess Pink and the ultimate, Make a Wish featuring “fairy lights” in the vase. Our Disneyland Floral and Gifts team is available seven days a week and can be reached at 714-781-GIFT. And, by the way, we’ve listened to your request for adding more Disneyland gifting experiences and it’s coming within the next two months. So stay tuned!

Of course if you’re celebrating at one of our parks, check out our Walt Disney World Floral and Gifts or our Disneyland Floral and Gifts site. There are so many ideas you can choose from so you can provide an amazing memory while on property.

In the meanwhile, I believe this is your cue to be the hero.

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