Whiskey and Cognac Tastings on a Disney Cruise

From Salah Chetbi, Dining and Beverage Standards and Consistency Manager, Disney Cruise Line and posted on the Disney Parks Blog.

Now that I’ve told you about the wine, martini and champagne tastings you can join on your next Disney cruise, it’s time to talk about our whiskey and Cognac seminars. These tastings give you a chance to sample spirits aged to perfection, learning to appreciate their unique characteristics and tastes.


Whiskey Tasting

Our Whiskey Tasting is for both those of you with experience drinking this spirit and those of you who are interested in making it your drink of choice. You’ll explore different types, including Scotch, Irish, Canadian and American whiskeys, learning what they are made from and the process of making them. The bartender will teach you how to properly drink whiskey and how to recognize its aromas and flavors.


Cognac Tasting

What is Cognac, and how do you actually pronounce it? This seminar dives into these commonly asked questions and so much more, including the history and production method of this smooth drink. Like all fine beverages, there’s an art to tasting Cognac, which our bartender will thoroughly explain during this interesting experience. Some of the Cognacs you’ll sample could include Courvoisier, Hennessy and Remy Martin.

Now that I’ve shared seminars for all tastes, next week I’ll tell you about one that is perfect for couples…chocolate and liquor tasting!




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