The Magic Kingdom, Minus One!

Last night, my older half of Monsters Inc, Andrew, was invited to his first (Florida) Birthday sleep over at his friends house. He was really excited, and I was happy for him. When we decided to move south one worry I had was about the kids making friends and feeling welcomed, so that made me feel good that he was asked to go. This is the first time we had just the littler half of Monsters Inc, Aidan, for the evening, minus his brother. Aidan looks up to Andrew and is so used to having him around all the time, so he was a little anxious having his brother gone for the night. So, I asked him what he’d like to do, just the three of us since Andrew wouldn’t be back till morning, and he chose the Magic Kingdom. Perfect. My husband and I wanted to give him a fun night. So, we headed out to the Magic Kingdom, minus one.


I know it may sound a little silly, but when you are used to the family dynamic of two boys in tow 24/7, having one less felt, well, different. We’ve been to the Magic Kingdom so many times as a family, and this was the first time going with only one kiddo. Aidan asked me a few times if I thought Andrew was having a good time at his party, and we texted him to check in and make sure. Once he knew his brother was ok, he wanted to have some fun. We went on the Haunted Mansion first, then walked through Memento Mori to look at the HM goodies. After, I asked what he wanted to eat, and he chose Pecos Bills. The park was super busy last night, so it took us awhile to eat dinner. While we sat there, I let him take pictures with my camera, showed him how to focus and such and he loved it. I think it was just different, he got individual attention, whereas usually he has to share. Plus, he’s got a pretty good eye for photography, which I didn’t know!



After Pecos Bills, we took the train ride back to Fantasyland and walked around. We went into the store back there and looked around, tried on silly hats, and just had a good time. Tomorrowland was next on our venture, where we stopped by the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor. Aidan got a light up toy, and we went to Adventureland to ride Pirates of the Caribbean then to find a spot for Wishes. It’s funny, because no matter how many times we watch Wishes, he loves it just the same. He even sings the songs that go with it, it’s not something he’s tired of. My older one, well, he’s not as much into it anymore. Seeing Aidan enjoy himself and sing along to the fireworks really made me stop and think. Life passes us by so very fast, and kids grow up in the blink of an eye. It was a reminder for me to stop and enjoy the little things, and appreciate my guys while they’re still kids. At least I have one who still is a full blown kid and isn’t ashamed of that fact! He really had fun.


After the fireworks we marched through the sea of people and went back to Storybook Treats for an ice cream. Aidan was looking a bit tired so I asked if he was ready to go home and he said yes. We headed back through Main Street and got on the Monorail pretty quickly. As he sat there on the ride to the parking lot, he smiled a huge smile. I asked him what he was smiling about and he said “because he felt special.” He really did have a wonderful time, and I was happy about that. He worries so much for a little guy, and not having his brother around really was concerning for him, however, a little Disney magic cured that right up. On the way home we texted Andrew again to make sure he was alright and to tell him goodnight. He was having a great time too, which was also a relief. Sure, we missed him on our evening out, but to know he’s having fun with kids his own age is important too. He needed that. All in all, everyone had a good night. Yes, going to Disney is always fun, even when the dynamics are changed up. A little Disney magic goes a long, long way!


If you have a cute family Disney story to share, be sure to write in and tell us about it! We’d love to hear from you! ~M

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