Rapunzel’s Frying Pan Necklace (Great For Disney Bounders)

This is a great craft for fans of Flynn and Rapunzel!

Disney Family published this adorable Frying Pan (who knew!) Necklace! Great for Disney Bounding, it adds a cute addition to any Rapunzel inspired outfit or costume!

tangled-frying-pan-necklace-craft-photo-420x420-mbecker-002What You’ll Need

Lid from a baby food jar (or similar sized jar) (TMSM add on. For a Smaller version look into using a cap from an empty aspirin or soda bottle)
Black tissue paper
Clear acrylic sealer
Black chenille stem
Hot glue
4 pieces yellow yarn, 2-3 times the width of the wearers neck circumference
2 pieces of thin ribbon, 2-3 times the width of the wearers neck circumference
Glittery jewel decal
How To Make It

1. Spread a thin layer of clear acrylic sealer over the top of the baby food lid. Place torn pieces of black tissue paper onto clear acrylic sealer and let dry. Continue to layer the clear acrylic sealer and tissue paper until the entire lid is covered, inside and out. Be sure to allow each layer to dry (approximately 15 minutes) before adding the next.

2. When the lid is covered in black tissue and completely dry, it’s time to add the handle. Cut a chenille stem in half and then fold one half into a loop. Twist the ends together and glue onto the back of the pan.

3. Use a dot of hot glue to add a jewel decal to the center of the pan.

To make the chain, start by tying the yellow yarn and two pieces of ribbon together. Use the yarn and ribbons to make a tight braid — the yellow yarn is one section and each ribbon is its own section. When you have reached the end of the braid, slide it through the frying pan’s handle and tie the two ends of the braid together. Be sure that the necklace is large enough to fit over the head of the child who will wear it.

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