TMSM’s Thursday Random Acts of Kindness ~ More Fantastic Cast Members!


It’s Thursday, so it’s time for our weekly feel good story! Lately, our Thursday articles have been all about Disney Cast Members and how they go the extra mile for guests, and this weeks story is the same. Actually, we have two Cast Member kindness stories that were sent in by two Main Streeters! Here’s what they had to say!

I have a random acts of kindness story I want to share from last Friday when I was at the Festival Center for the Flower and Garden Festival.

After my grandmother, who I was pushing around in a wheelchair, and I arrived at the Festival Center, we went to see if there was a presentation we could see. We arrived at Hands-on presentations on the Greenhouse Stage after every one was seated and there were no hands on activities left. The 11:00 presentation hadn’t started yet luckily, but I asked a CM if it was too late for us to join and she said no. We were allowed to enter through the exit. I got to sit in a big comfy chair next to my grandmother. One of the 2 CMs who were presenting, noticed my birthday button and told me happy birthday. Then he went to the back to do something. He brought something wrapped in tissue paper over to me said this is for your birthday. He then said sorry there are no plants left for us to keep. All the seats were taken that had plants. I unwrap the tissue paper to find this beautiful glass ornament with a little bit of glitter. He said it was hand-blown and hand-painted. I thanked him and he went to talk with other people. A truly magical and unforgettable experience. I will forever be thankful for his kindness. ~ Victoria H.


Our second submission~

Almost two years ago, my husband and I got separated while at the Magic Kingdom. I had my 15 month old at the time with me and he had our 4 yr old. I was going to change my 15 month olds diaper, when I realized I had not gotten the diaper bag from the stroller my husband still had when I went back to find him I couldn’t. I had no cell phone with me to call him. We were supposed to meet back up 30 minutes later at a specific spot so I had no idea where he was and my daughter couldn’t sit in that diaper for 30 more minutes. I went to the shop Pooh Corner where two Cast Members helped me by giving me a diaper and wipes. I had no money with me so I couldn’t pay for them but they gave them to me anyway seeing as I was in desperate need! The other cast member let me use his cell phone to call my husband. I appreciate all they did for me that day and will be forever grateful! ~Christine D.

Cast Members at Disney are truly magical and we thank them for all the work that they do! If you have a Disney Act of Kindness that you’d like us to feature, please write in and let us know! Until next week, do something kind for someone! You just never know who’s day you could make or who could really use the smile! ~M

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2 thoughts on “TMSM’s Thursday Random Acts of Kindness ~ More Fantastic Cast Members!”
  1. We took our 4 year old daughter to Disney World in March. Our last night in the park was spent at MK. We had FP+ to meet TinkerBell at Tony’s Town Square Theatre at 8pm. We stopped to discuss wether we would meet Tink, or see the parade, Celebrations, and Wishes, or keep our FP+ reservation. One of the CMs, George, overheard our conversation, and asked if we had seen the Celebration projection show yet. When we told him we had not, and would probably not stay to see it (no good viewing areas, the park was packed, and we were unable to get FP+ for this), he told us to go and meet TinkerBell and come back and see him. We did, and were SO grateful to him for allowing us into the FP+ area! We were so thrilled, it made our whole vacation!! We expressed our gratitude to the guest relations via e-mail. George was the most awesome person we could have run into that night, and when I think back to that night, I still get emotional at the memory!

  2. The CMs at Disneyland are always so kind to me. I visit the park on my own quite a lot and I always feel I’m treated extra special. I’ve experienced so many random acts of kindness from CMs, it’s hard to choose just one, but on a very recent visit I was waiting for my lunch order at Jolly Holiday Bakery and a guest had ordered an Iced Mocha drink. I told her it looked fantastic and she admitted it was very very good. My order came up and the CM who was making the drinks put a Mocha on my tray and said “I thought you’d like to try this”. She must have overheard my comment to the guest about how good the drink looked.

    When you go places alone, you can sometimes feel a little invisible, but I never ever feel that way at Disneyland.

    It’s little things like this that make Disney and extra special place to visit. 🙂

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