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We all know and love the most obvious romantic Disney moments. There’s the Beast and Belle waltzing, the Flynn and Rapunzel lantern scene, Phillip and Aurora true love’s kiss, and the list goes on and on. But we thought it was about time that we recognized the sneaky romantic moments that are a little less grand gesture, but no less lovely. Here are some of our faves:

John Smith and Pocahontas Painting With All the Colors of the Wind


Not only are the colors of the wind dancing around them in a pastel swirl, but these two are learning to understand each other’s worlds. That might not be sweep-you-off-your-feet-esque, but it sure is the ultimate expression of love.

Rapunzel and Flynn Dancing in Town


Everyone’s always talking about the lanterns. Lanterns, lanterns, lanterns. We enjoy lighting up the night sky as much as the next editorial staff, but this moment is also special. These two are embracing their collective adventure, eating cupcakes, charming locals, and would you look at that joint gaze?

Beast Gives Belle the Mirror


He thinks he’s never going to see her again, and he gives her one of his most prized possessions. But, more than that, he gives her a way to check on her father, the most important person in her world. Caring about someone because someone else cares for them? Romance personified.

Carl and Ellie Decorating Their House


Looking toward your future? Good sense. Looking toward your collective future with someone you love? Heart-melting. It’s hard not to call the entire opening sequence of UP a sneakily romantic moment, but this one stands out for its seeming mundanity. This is one montage that hits us right in the feels.. Could they be cuter?

Tramp Shows Lady the World


We know what you’re thinking. “An article about romance and you didn’t pick the spaghetti kiss?” But let us defend our choice. This article is about sneaky romantic moments. And this is just that. Tramp tells Lady all about there being a big hunk of world out there with no fence around it. He’s showing her new possibilities and adventure. And then the fall in love. Sorry… spoiler alert.

Pongo and Perdita Nap on the Windowsill


Proof that you don’t have to say anything to be romantic. Sometimes the most romantic thing in the world is just enjoying the peace of a quiet moment with the one you love. Bonus points if it includes an adorable nap and a sleepy smile.

Wall-E and Eve Holding Hands


Similar to the Pongo and Perdita example, these two are silent swooning incarnate. The act of holding hands connects them without words. It’s especially charming because these two are from different worlds and aren’t programmed for romance. But the heart cannot be denied.

Nala Pushing Simba Back Into the Water


Yes, we’ll grant you that this is part of a more classically romantic scene. But we think this part is sneakily one of the most romantic moments within it. It’s so playful, so fun, and so adorable.

What moments did we miss? Tell us in the comments!


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