It’s been awhile, and readers have been asking, so here we go! It’s time for our next round of our popular blog series “Don’t be That Guy at Disney!” For those unfamiliar with the previous installments, “that guy” can be any guy or gal who is causing a ruckus or being flat out un-Disney-like while at our happy place. As always, lets keep in mind that these articles are all in good fun and in no way meant to offend!

Over the past two months I’ve had Main Streeters send me instances of when they’ve seen “that guy” at the parks. I’ve also had the opportunity to see him/her in the parks myself! So, that being said, here is the latest list of “that guy” at Disney, with Main Streeter input! Do you know “that guy” too? Let’s see!

1. The Popcorn Bucket Grinch Guy ~ This one is a BIG no-no, and a guy you don’t want to be. The Popcorn Bucket Grinch is the guy who buys up all the limited edition popcorn buckets in order to mark them up and sell them for himself for a decent profit. This happened last month at the Studios with the new Cinderella popcorn buckets. Photos of “that guy” were circulated of someone buying up dozens of buckets, even bringing additional people into the parks to buy them up leaving none left for the children standing in line. To this day they STILL don’t have the buckets back in stock. You’re a mean one….. Mr. Popcorn Bucket Grinch. This can go for that guy who does the same thing at the Pandora Store or other park only purchases. Don’t be greedy, save some for other guests. No one likes this guy, and he’s the one I’ve had suggested to me the most in the past few weeks, so he gets top billing!

2. Shopping Cart Guy ~ Shopping cart guy uses their stroller to carry purchases instead of a child, and uses said cart to ram people’s feet in crowded spaces. I’ve seen this more lately, people using strollers and wheelchairs to carry things instead of people (no kids anywhere in the group btw), and using them to push through crowds and hold spaces in parades and such. It wouldn’t bother me really if they didn’t use them to plow people over. Last week this actually happened to me, and by hit to the legs number 5 I actually turned around and said OUCH and STOP IT which I never do. Even nice people like me have their limits I guess. So, be courteous and don’t leave bruises and cuts on your fellow Disney goers, we sure would appreciate that!

3. The Selfie Stick Samurai ~ Selfie sticks. You either love them or hate them. Me, I don’t really care either way. One thing that may be an issue though is when you see someone with a selfie stick who has it pulled far out, and just swings it around without looking for other people. The Selfie Stick Samurai is trying to get a particular photo, but doesn’t look to see if there is anyone in the area. I’ve seen people get whacked with selfie sticks quite a bit, or get out of the way just in time before getting hit. So, if you’re going to use a selfie stick, try to watch where you swing that thing! Disney is so crowded and there are always people around, it gets dangerous!


**Now we’re going to focus on some Main Streeter suggestions of That Guy!

4. Tiesha V ~ Don’t be that guy holding your balloon nice and high while watching a show in front of a ton of people…we still look through our pics and say ” That balloon!!” lol Pull it down people…just shorten up the string while the show is playing.

5. Kelly L ~ Don’t be that guy (or girl) that runs up to the characters at dining places trying to monopolize their time when they’ll get to your table.

6. Autumn ~ Don’t be that adult that lets 100+ teens go into a ride unattended and then they turn around and stand on rails and chant at the top of their lungs like it’s a stinking football game. (this happens a lot)

7. Judi S ~ Don’t be that guy who ignores the fact there is a pregnant lady or elderly person standing on the monorail or bus while your teenagers are sprawled across the seats. Tell them to get their $%^ up and be considerate. Saw that so many times it killed me.

8. Mary W ~ Don’t be that guy that puts his daughter on a garbage can to see fireworks directly in front of a toddler. Wasn’t my toddler just witnessed a small child’s awe turn to sadness because he couldn’t see.

9. Erin J ~ Don’t be that guy that mouths off to the CMs and enlists the help of other guests to make the CM’s life hard!

10 Mike R ~ No Time For Walking 30 Feet to a Restroom Guy — a man was pushing his toddler against the railing across from Country Bear Jamboree so the toddler could potty in public. (Please don’t be this guy! Please!)

There were a lot more suggestions sent in, but this blog would be twice as long so I thought we’d save some for next time. Thank you to everyone who wrote in and told us about “that guy” at Disney and their experience. Again, this isn’t to put anyone down or be judgmental. I think even some of us have been that guy at times. It’s all about common courtesy for CM’s and our fellow Disney-goers! If you have seen “that guy” in the parks, be sure to write in and let us know! Thanks again, and until next time, don’t be “That Guy” at Disney!

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