Racing Disney: Princess Enchanted 10k Recap

Racing Disney: Princess Enchanted 10k Recap by Addie Clark    

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Hey there Main Streeters!

Well, I had made it. After a REALLY cold morning 5K and a rather chilly day in Hollywood Studios, the first day of the Glass Slipper Challenge had arrived! Once again, the alarm clock went off WAAAAAY too early, but once again, laying out all my clothes the night before really helped make the process of getting dressed that early stress free.

We then headed to the bus stop, where once again the bus was waiting. We noticed that it was already feeling warmer than it had the day before, so that was a good thing. I spent some time staying warm with all my blankets and then I handed them off to mom and kept my “throw away jacket” to stay warm  in the corrals since I had a t-shirt that morning. If you wear old clothes to the start of the races but dispose of them before the start of the race or on the course, runDisney will DONATE them to a charity. So that’s a win!


The wait in the corral the morning of the 10K definitely felt the longest of the weekend. I don’t know why. It wasn’t as cold as the 5K and there weren’t as many runners or corrals as in the half, but it felt like it took forever to get to start. But soon enough there were fireworks and we were off!

I once again didn’t stop for any character pictures. I don’t regret this one as much as the 5K because 1) I didn’t really see many characters I wanted to stop for and 2) the lines were RIDICULOUS. I didn’t want to risk being swept and not getting to complete the Glass Slipper Challenge, which is what I had come to do. But I did stop for pics with my own phone, like the stilt guys above or my Belle sign selfie, below.


I’m also pretty proud of my jump shot. I can’t believe I pulled that off without looking ridiculous. But soon my 6.2 miles were over and I could see the finish line. Once again, it looked pretty sweet! I crossed, hands held high and got my medal (which mom took a picture of me getting because that’s where she was waiting for me) and then went for my official finisher’s portrait.

We then headed back to the hotel for shower/rest and then it was off to Epcot, where we had a Princess brunch in Norway. That was a new experience for me and it was pretty fun. Not something I’m sure I need to repeat, but I’m glad I can say I did it.


Then we walked around the World Showcase meeting more characters before having dinner at the Electric Umbrella (DELICIOUS Quick Service) and then heading back to the hotel for bed. Another early wake-up was in our future…

to be continued


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