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Planning your DisneyMoon Guest Blog by Amanda Rocha

Are you about to start your happily ever after, and are you planning a DisneyMoon to celebrate? Did you know that you can create a Honeymoon registry for your Disneymoon?! When I was planning my April 2013 Disney themed wedding, I knew there was no other honeymoon I would rather have than a Disneymoon. I am a DIY/Plan it yourself type of person and in my planning I stumbled across the Disney Honeymoon registry website! I called my then soon-to-be hubby immediately and attempted, through all my excitement, to tell him what I had found. Our honeymoon was to be his first trip to Disney World and he did not understand what I was so excited about (nor did he understand my IMMENSE love for all things Disney, though he quickly learned). The next day, he came over and we started the long process of registering for things for our Disneymoon…which included a lot of me explaining why each of the things I wanted to register for was awesome.

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Setting up the registry was extremely simple! First, I went to    and set up our registry. It asks questions that any other registry would; bride’s name, groom’s name, wedding date, travel date, etc. Once you finish answering the brief questionnaire, you are ready to create your registry.

Registries can be made for Disney World, DisneyLand, Adventures By Disney, Disney’s Hilton Head Resort, Aulani, Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, and Disney Cruise Line. There is something for every type of Disneymoon. Because my hubby and I went to Disney World, that is the one that I will be focusing on.


You can add all sorts of things to your registry! From dining experiences, to tickets, to accommodations, to spa treatments, to floral arrangements, to tours, and the list goes on and on. Everything is broken down by how much it would cost each person. You can choose how many of each item you would like to add to your registry. For example, you may like 2 tickets to La Nouba, or you may like 8 $25 gifts for money toward souvenirs. Clear as mud? I know it can sound confusing, but once you get started and see for yourself how easy it is, it won’t sound so overwhelming. At the end of the registry you enter a bank account for the funds to be direct deposited into. (Which is also a good thing because if you decide that you don’t want to end up doing something you registered for, you can put the money towards something else….)

Once you complete the registry in its entirety, you are given a special link to share with your friends and family, to let them know that they can purchase things for your honeymoon. The link is shareable to all social media and wedding websites that you may be utilizing. I also made inserts for my shower invitations to inform our guests. When someone purchases something from your registry you are notified by email. Your friends and family can also opt to have a card sent to you from Disney Honeymoon Wishes with information about what they purchased or they can print out a faux gift certificate themselves. (I say faux because the money is held in your Honeymoon account until you transfer it to your bank account.)


Using the registry, my husband and I only had to worry about the cost of the tickets and accommodations for the week. Everything else, the food, souvenirs, and fun stuff, was paid for by our amazing friends and family through this registry. We chose dining experiences, tickets to La Nouba, Fantasy funds (essentially just spending money) and spa services. We also were gifted the “Toasting to Happily Ever After” Package that was waiting in our room upon our arrival. I am so glad we used the registry! It made the start of our Happily Ever After, all the more magical!


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  1. Hi Amanda!! Great article! What did you have to use for a bank account? I’m thinking about doing this and any and all help you could give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

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