Do’s and Don’ts for Festival Season Inspired by Disney Characters

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Festival season is upon us, and it’s time to get planning! Which festivals will you attend? Who is coming with you? And what about all of your stylish outfits?! While you work out the details, we’ve got a list of advice for you, straight from Disney characters who know all about the do’s and don’ts of being prepared to hear music outdoors and look cool while doing so.

Do: Wear Sensible Shoes


While Cinderella’s shoe mishap worked in her favor, it won’t be a happily ever after situation if you end up dancing for hours in uncomfortable shoes… or losing one in a mud pit in the middle of a giant crowd.

Do: Partake in Any Free Giveaways


…But don’t steal. That’s just rude.

Do: Always Stay With a Buddy


This is for your safety and because it’s more fun to experience music with friends. That’s logic!

Don’t: Accept Food From Strangers


Think of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as a cautionary tale.

Do: Protect Your Ears


Find a good pair of earplugs and take them along with you. Dumbo approves this message.

Don’t: Forget the Sunscreen


Those UV rays are strong, friends.

Do: Get a Good Night’s Sleep


We’ll leave it up to you whether you’d like to be awakened by true love’s kiss, or just your standard cell phone alarm.

Don’t: Venture Into Unfamiliar Areas


…Or outside of festival grounds by yourself. Stick with your friends and don’t stray into unknown territory.

Do: Stay Hydrated


Remember to pack a water bottle or your favorite thirst-quenching drink! May we recommend Herculade?

Do Have Fun and Enjoy the Experience


You might get stuck in traffic, forget something at home, or miss a set you really wanted to see, but try to let the negative things go and make some memories.

What other festival tips do you have inspired by Disney Characters? Share them in the comments!

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