Looking for Bargains at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!


Those who know me, know that one of my favorite things to do at Disney is to browse the shops. Disney merchandise is amazing and I never get tired of it. Being a local now, we can see the changes and the additions in the various stores across property a lot more, and notice when something new is added. Disney shopping can get expensive, so we need to pick and choose what we’re going to buy. One trick I’ve found to save money was to do some shopping at Hollywood Studios first, because they actually have items on sale if you look!

Mickey’s of Hollywood when you first walk into the Studios is a great place to bargain shop. The sale items are mixed in with the regular priced items, so you have to really look. On the jewelry and accessory racks, you can find some sales, you just have to flip items over to see if they have a red and white sticker on the back, see above. I have found that I see the sale stickers on items much more at Hollywood Studios over any other place on property. Well, the World of Disney store at Downtown Disney occasionally has sale sticker items too.

I wish Disney had a clearance rack and that all these sale items were in one spot, but sadly, unless you go to the Character Warehouse Outlet, you have to search for the deals. It’s worth it to take the time to look around though, you never know what you could find at a better price. Good luck and happy shopping! ~M

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  1. Another place I’ve had luck in the past getting some great bargains is Marketplace Fun Finds at Downtown Disney. I’ve gotten some items at half their original price there. It’s always been hit or miss with discounted merchandise much like the locations. With the crazy DD construction and parking situation, even as a local, I don’t go to DD very very often so I haven’t checked that store in a while.

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