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Recently I was watching Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  A scene at the beginning of the film, Captain America is talking with Sam Wilson aka Falcon about the things that have happened to the world while Cap was frozen in the ice.

Cap talks about how much better the food is now, how helpful the internet is, etc.  Sam tells Cap to listen to Marvin Gaye Trouble Man soundtrack.  At this time, Cap says he is going to add it to the list, and pulls out a small notebook.  In the notebook, we see the other things Cap needs learn about.  Here is the photo from the film:

captain americas list

This list includes:

  • I Love Lucy (reruns)
  • Moon Landing
  • Berlin Wall (up + down)
  • Steve Jobs (Apple)
  • Disco
  • Thai Food
  • Star Wars / Trek
  • Nirvana (band)
  • Rocky (Rocky II ?)
  • Trouble Man (soundtrack)

His list got me thinking about the events he’s missed while he was frozen.  I know in the first Captain America: The First Avenger film it’s suppose to take place between the years 1942 and 1945.  Now in the final scene of that movie, Cap aka Steve wakes up in what looks like a room that appears to be still in the 40’s.  Cap hears a baseball game on the radio, he recognizes the game as he was at it and realizes he has been captured.  He doesn’t realize it’s friendly captures and not an enemy.  We find this was all a trick and that it’s actually modern day and they were creating a room for him to believe he was still in the 40’s.  After escaping the room, through a wall, he eventually ends up in Time Square and Nick Fury and the SHIELD agents surround him.  Nick tells him he has been a sleep for almost 70 years.  So the film came out in 2011 so I’m going with that as the time he is awake in so he was asleep for 67 years.  So what all he did miss?

We know there is a ton of things, good and bad that has happened.  From the inventions that have changed how we do everything.  So I wanted to come up with my list of things he needs to learn most about.  To me, the top things that aren’t on his list are:

To me the biggest thing that has happened to the world in my life is the tragedy of 9/11.  This changed how we do anything and everything in our lives. While the world has seen its share of tragedies over the decades, to me this is the biggest.


On to happier notes of things he missed, first would be to inform him that a huge movie star from his time, Ronald Reagan, was the President of the United States.  In the film Back To The Future, this was one thing that was commented on in that film.

Another big thing would be the inventions of the Disney Theme Parks became a place for families to come together and have fun.  He would have known of the Disney name from films and shorts.  It would have been amazing to show him how the company has grown and how much they have done in that time.

They had television, but 3 channels that shut off each night at a particular time really didn’t show the power.  Cable Television changed all that.  It introduced the world to a different way to watch tv shows, movies and even music the day Mtv was created.  He list contained I Love Lucy, what about shows like MASH, Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live.  There are so many, I could never list each one.

The list had Disco and Nirvana which are huge parts of music history, but what about the Beatles?  Elvis? Michael Jackson?  To me those three are huge influences in the history of music and he missed them all.

michael beatles y elvis

Now I’ve only listed a few different things, I have many many more but this article would be far too long.  I just wanted to generate some thinking about this and ask what things you would want to add to the list for Captain America?



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