Proof That Celebrities Love Disney Magic as Much as We Do

We’ve seen it in magazines: celebrities are just like us. They order coffee, they go on walks, they go to the dentist, and most importantly, they love Disney movies as much as we do! We’ve corralled some of our favorite stars’ favorite Disney movies so you can go, “huh. That’s cool,” repeatedly. You’re welcome.

Jeremy Renner, The Jungle Book 


We guess he’s gone through most of his life with “The Bare Necessities” stuck in his head as well.

Tyler Blackburn, Peter Pan 


Who doesn’t love this film? Maybe Captain Hook? He’s literally the only person we can think of that might not like this film.

Kristen Bell, The Little Mermaid


The movie that defined our generation.

Jon Heder, Swiss Family Robinson


We recently re-watched this, and we suggest you do the same.

Richard Madden, Aladdin


Great choice, Richard Madden.

 Josh Hutcherson,  The Lion King


We’re imaging little Josh Hutcherson singing “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” in his backyard at the top of his lungs. We hope you are too.

Ginnifer Goodwin, Beauty and the Beast 


Girl is a HUGE Disney fan, and we’re huge fans of her.

Chris Evans, The Fox and the Hound 


Ugh, this one is so freakin’ adorable.

Ty Burrell, Escape to Witch Mountain


We admit, it’s been a while since we’ve seen this movie. Time to re-watch it!

Emma Thompson, Mary Poppins 


It’s like Saving Mr. Banks was always meant to be.

Anthony Mackie, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Amazing. That is all.

Gael Garcia Bernal, Dumbo


Everyone loves an underdog (or under-elephant) and it seems Gael is no exception.

Julie Bowen, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


Julie Bowen this makes us love you even more, if possible.

Terrence Howard, Mary Poppins


Terrence seems like a class act. We want to watch this movie with him and have a sing-along.

Elle Fanning, Dumbo


She’s alway so upbeat and positive, and we bet she gets that from Timothy Q. Mouse.

Tom Hiddleston, The Jungle Book


Just perfect, isn’t it?

Do you share a favorite Disney movie with one of these actors? Tell us in the comments!

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