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Celebrities Who Worked For Disney

Celebrities Who Worked For Disney 1 We thought it would be fun to reveal some stars who got their start working at one of the Disney Parks. Some you may have heard before, but others you might not be aware of. Taye Diggs – Taye worked at Toyko Disneyland as a dancer in Sebastian’s Caribbean Carnival. Robin Williams – It is rumored that Robin worked on the Jungle Cruise in Disneyland as a tour guide. Steve Martin – Steve worked in the Fantasy Continue Reading

Proof That Celebrities Love Disney Magic as Much as We Do

Celebrities Who Worked For Disney 2 We’ve seen it in magazines: celebrities are just like us. They order coffee, they go on walks, they go to the dentist, and most importantly, they love Disney movies as much as we do! We’ve corralled some of our favorite stars’ favorite Disney movies so you can go, “huh. That’s cool,” repeatedly. You’re welcome. Jeremy Renner, The Jungle Book  We guess he’s gone through most of his life with “The Continue Reading
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