What do you miss the most? 10 signs that you are suffering from PDD (Post Disney Depression)

March 14, 2015 ,

What do you miss the most? 10 signs that you are suffering from PDD (Post Disney Depression) Guest Blog by Mairéad NicMhathúna

So it’s been a while since your last vacation; and there’s only one thing going through your mind. When am I going back to DISNEY?!? Whether you are tucked up in bed with your Disney themed pajamas watching ‘The Lion King’, or foaming at the mouth thinking about the next time you will have a Dole Whip, you are sure to be suffering from Post Disney Depression. Here is a list of the things we miss the most about Disney, from some of our own ‘Main Street Mouse Fan Nation’.

1505642_10153103531233537_2989392298651481321_n 10. The Characters – There’s nothing quite like meeting Mickey Mouse. It doesn’t matter if you are six years old, or sixty-six years old. You cannot help but smile when you see Mickey in the Parks. When not at Disney, you fantasize about the next time you are there; and plan in advance which characters you will queue to meet; even if it takes four hours to meet Anna & Elsa.

9. The Resorts – We spend hours upon hours planning our next vacation; even if you can’t justify staying in the resorts, doesn’t mean you can’t window shop. We can always dream.

8. The Attractions – Who doesn’t love getting drenched on Splash Mountain on a blistering hot day? Who doesn’t love the thrilling sensation of Test Track? Who doesn’t spend half their days reminiscing about the encapsulating Disney attractions?

7. The Restaurants – When we are out for dinner at our local steakhouse, we can’t help but dream about our favorite Disney restaurants. We can’t help but visualize having a beautiful meal at Napa Rose, California Grill, Blue Bayou, or the Rose & Crown to name a few.

Keep-Calm-and-Dole-Whip6. The Food – Dole Whips, Mickey Bars, Cinnamon Rolls & Funnel Cakes. You miss being able to justify consuming a remarkable amount of treats. It is Disney after all, and we’re on vacation right?

5. The Escape from Reality – Admit it guys; Disney is the one place that makes us forget all our worries. The one place that we long to visit. The only other place that we can truly call ‘home’. Being able to forget your troubles and enjoy the magic of this wonderful place is truly special. The effect that Disney has on our lives is endearing and captivating.

11046740_10205677859963434_2098074280784177484_n4. The Atmosphere – The sights, the sounds & the smells. You can feel your senses tingling as you enter the parks. Seeing Cinderella’s or Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and feeling the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. The smell of popcorn on the left side of the street; or the vanilla essence spilling from the ice-cream shop to your right.

3. The Fireworks – Remember the tear in your eye from the first time you ever watched the enchanting ‘Wishes’? Or the shivers down your spine when seeing the phenomenal ‘Illuminations’? We dream about this incessantly.

10499640_291901704324053_1584805545_o2. The Cast Members – Cast Members at Disney are truly special. Whether you are queuing to meet a character, buying merchandise from the stores, having dinner at a signature restaurant, or at a pin-trading post; you are sure to be treated like royalty. Cast members from all over the world come together at this magical place to make sure you have the most wonderful time.

1. The Magic – Disney is the place where dreams come true. Every day, we think about Disney. We incorporate the Disney Magic into our daily lives, and are forever planning our next trip to the most magical place on earth. We dream about the next time we will be there, basking in the sunshine whilst enjoying a Mickey Mouse ice-cream. We think about it every day, until the next day we are ‘home’.


To all my fellow friends from The Main Street Mouse Nation – thank you. You inspire me. Mairéad (Parade with an ‘M’).

Photos From Nation Members: Troy L. Charley W. and Mairéad

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2 thoughts on “What do you miss the most? 10 signs that you are suffering from PDD (Post Disney Depression)”
  1. One major thing that was missed in this article is the Smoked Turkey Legs, Sweet Momma they are one of the best things to eat in Disney. I could live on them for the entire stay. The best is walking around or waiting in a long line and eating them and watching others do the same thing. It reminds me of the Flintstones, people just gnawing at them. Eveyone has smoked turkey leg on their face and no one judges you for it..lol

    Ahhhhhh, Memories. Time to plan the next trip I think.

  2. Another thing that I miss is the various people you come across and interact with from across this wonderful globe we call Earth. The memories of sharing dinner tables, stories while waiting in line, and helping each other to make their visits as happy and memorable just as yours is what makes Walt Disney World a unique and special place. Along with everything that you’ve mentioned Mairéad is what keeps us coming back to that magical place that has its own little dwelling in our minds and hearts.

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