It’s Official The Be Our Guest Lunch FastPass Test Is Ending!

January 30, 2015 ,

Today with little to no fanfare Disney Dining updated the Be Our Guest FastPass login page. As many know this “test” has been in place for quite a period of time. This by invite only lunch FastPass test has been sent randomly to Disney Resort guests 28 days or less from check in allowing them to either bypass the line at Be Our Guest, or bypass the line and order their lunch before arriving. Currently the only information we have is from the booking site that states:
“On Feb. 24, 2015 the lunch testing at Be Our Guest Restaurant will be ending. Beginning Feb. 25, log on to for more information about dining at Be Our Guest Restaurant for lunch. ”

UntitledSadly several Disney fan sites realized that there was a way around the system that would allow guests to book the FastPass test without an invite and opted to publish this information making this already rare invite a hard to use option. Currently many rule following guests who get the email are unable to reserve a Be Our Guest lunch FastPass due to the already limited availability being reserved by those who used the work around. Disney has always stood behind the fact this program was a test so hopefully those that bypassed the invite system didn’t mess up the test’s research.

Rest assured that TMSM will be following this story and as soon as we hear confirmed word regarding the new process we will let you know!

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