How to Draw: Kenai From Brother Bear

How to Draw: Kenai From Brother Bear By Guest Blogger Sam Pratley

Kia Ora y’all just your favourite Reindeer Avenger here, this is the first in a series of How to Draws from me. This first one is How to Draw: Kenai the bear from my favourite movie; Brother Bear. Now I warn you that I have a very different style of drawing than the normal artist, normal artists use the theory of “the shape of this head is nearly a circle, draw a circle for now and we’ll get back to it later” but i draw like “I see a line and I draw it, if it doesn’t look right then I’ll re-draw it”. If you do happen to follow along with the steps and do end up drawing Kenai, please share it, I’d love to see how others drawings look. If you can’t follow along with the instructions because I’ll admit they might be a bit vague, I’ll include pictures of the process. Please enjoy and attempt for yourself.

Preparation: I use a 2B pencil for darkening lines, a 3H pencil for the basis of the drawing before darkening, an eraser to erase mistakes and an A4 piece of paper in which I draw on (use it landscape for this drawing), oh and a pencil sharpener.

prepStep 1: Most of my drawings have lines that come in from the side of the page and I often use this as a starting point. I’m sorry if my first few pictures are bad; I tried to do it in the dark and my flash didn’t quite work. But don’t worry if you can’t make out the lines, when I darken, I darken the lines as I’ve drawn them. Anyway, the first few lines come in from the bottom right hand corner, not all of the lines cross or meet but these lines will make up the body part of Kenai. (See picture for more details on placement of the lines)

1Step 2: Draw a few curved lines which will form Kenai’s left ear. And a few lines from near the ear down to the previous lines, and whee juts or lightning bolts in the lines to make them look furrier. (See picture for more details on placement of the lines)

2Step 3: Add some curved lines coming off the previous steps lines to connect most of the pre-drawn lines and this will be the fur on Kenai’s neck. Again, if desired the lines can be drawn furrier. (See picture for more details on placement of the lines)

3Step 4: A few more curved lines added forms Kenai’s eye patch and snout. At this point i had run out f room so I left the top of his head for later (See picture for more details on placement of the lines)

4Step 5: Add in detail into his eye and eyebrow. I use my 3H to darken black areas for later, in this step I shade in the eyebrow and Kenai’s pupil. (See picture for more details on placement of the lines)

5Step 6: Add in the rest of Kenai’s snout, mouth and nose. Draw a curved line above his eyebrow to solidify his angry expression. (See picture for more details on placement of the lines)

6Step 7: Draw in the rest of his face adding his other eye and brow, connect the top of the head and you’re done with drawing Kenai. (See picture for more details on placement of the lines)

7Step 8: Darken Kenai however which way you’d like with the 2B pencil but I’ll darken it as I’ve drawn it.











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