Asher and the Reindeer Part 1

Over the last few months on of TMSM’s New Zealand Members Sam wrote and shared a story with us about Santa’s Reindeer and their connections to Disney. We wanted to share these stories with you over the holiday season. Charlie and His Reindeer is a five part, 10 chapter story the we will be sharing with you over the next few days. Please remember when reading this the author was originally written on Sam’s cell phone, and that same is a 16 year old from New Zealand so some of their slang and word usage is different that ours here in the US.

10678564_1531045020441965_3095078167513678080_nAsher and the Reindeer Part 1 by Guest Blogger Sam Pratley

The day has come, for Asher it’s his day to shine and hopefully become one of the trainee reindeer to replace the Great Eight once their time has come. Asher’s always looked up to them and has made it his role in life to take their place in the great circle of life of great reindeer performers. He has no relation to any of the Great Eight which he thinks will impede his chances of becoming a trainee.
Rudolf sat, waiting for his audition to come, he peered over to see his competition, he thought very little of the others because he knew that he’d automatically become a trainee because his dad was the great Dasher. He looked left and saw a reindeer looking at him, they locked eyes and Rudolf noticed the passion in his eyes and instantly became nervous.
As Cyrus approached the audition room he saw others who wished to join the ranks of the trainee parade performers, he spied a few snowmen and spotted one that he recognized but couldn’t remember where he had seen him, his orange carrot nose, stick hands and what looks like black hair, his buck teeth, his brain just couldn’t think who he was so he just carried on down the hall to the reindeer audition room, all the while thinking of jokes to say to lighten the mood so that he could be liked.
Jay and Sky weren’t sure about auditioning as they were inseparable from birth (being twins and all) they were scared that they might not both get in, as the thought crossed their mind the music started and they both simultaneously broke out into dance, in full synchronization they carried out their audition.
Bit was early to the audition room so that he could get his one over and done with without fuss or others seeing him and picking on him for his unnatural talent, as he sat in the corridor afterwards he heard the music play multiple times, he looked over to some of the other auditioned and thought he saw Dasher the fabled leader of the Great Eight, but he knew it couldn’t be him. Another reindeer walked out of the room and took his place in the long hallway, Bit knew that they all wanted the same thing, but not everyone would get it.
“Oy fatty, this is the line for dance auditions, the all you can eat….” This is all Kidd heard as entered the audition building, he didn’t care about others opinions of him because he knew that he’d do better than them. The laughs and snide remarks continued to come as he walked down the hall, he noticed another reindeer stand up and stick up for him, Kidd didn’t take much notice, he just entered the audition room and saw the end of some twins performance. His turn now.
As Alpha took his seat after his audition, he noticed some of the other auditioned picking on a larger reindeer, Alphas natural protectiveness kicked in, he approached the bullies and put them in their place, he looked to see if the other reindeer was still around, he must’ve gone into his audition.
(This story will mainly focus around the trainees but mostly from Asher’s perspective)

Chapter One: Introductions.
The auditions had finally concluded, the mass of candidates had gathered outside the building, as a human approached them there was an eerie silence across the crowd, mainly because no one knew anyone else apart from the twins. Everyone was nervous. The human walked up to a podium so that they’d be close to the height of the reindeer, as she spoke it become so quiet that a bird could be heard chirping in the distance, then it came, the names were read out, first was Rudolf then came Asher, Sky, Kidd, Bit, Alpha and finally Cyrus.
Seven names were read out, the lucky ones stepped forward and started to converse among themselves. Rudolf walked up to Bit to introduce himself but felt an eerie feeling as he approached him “I see you made it through, I’m Rudolf son of Dasher”, Bit said nothing, he looked down and stared into Rudolph’s eyes, Rudolf was shocked to see the fire he saw earlier still burning in Bits eyes. Sky turned around to face her brother who’s name hadn’t been read out, she then approached the podium in which the human was still standing “ummm excuse me, there’s only seven of us and eight spots, who’s the last trainee?” The human stepped down and faced the larger group, “we haven’t decided the last trainee yet, go back to the dorm and wait to be called over again, you seven can stay here and chat, enter the building and meet the Great Eight or head back to the dorms, just make sure y’all stay together” she walked off without another word. The larger group dispersed and headed away, leaving the first official seven trainees.
“Hey I’m Kidd”, Asher turned to see a much larger reindeer standing behind him, he replied “like the baby goat?”, Kidd laughed “yeah I guess so, what’s your name?”, Asher was shocked at how friendly Kidd was “uhh I’m Asher” “like as in Dasher?” Kidd asked, “what no no no I’m not related to any of the Great Eight” “I am, hey I’m Rudolf, son of the one and only Dasher”, Rudolf had given up on talking to Bit so he came over to Asher and Kidd “your a big boy aren’t ya?” Asher looked around to see another trainee approach their ever growing group “Hey I’m Cy”, Asher turned to Kidd and saw that he was offended “sorry, Cy was it, if your going to be mean to Kidd here you can just go get your antlers chopped” (“get your antlers chopped” or “get chopped” is a reindeer insult, which means the same as “get stuffed” as the humans put it), Asher decided to stand up for Kidd because he knew that they’d all have to be friends in the end and Kidd seemed to be a nicer reindeer.
Alpha looked around and noticed that one of the seven had left, Sky had headed back to see her brother and stay with him until the last trainee was chosen “what ever happened to staying together” Alpha muttered under his breath. Alpha saw a reindeer standing alone and started to walk toward him when he saw another one doing the same thing “seems like we had the same idea, hi I’m Alpha” “cool name, I’m Asher, no relation to Dasher” ” what’s with that last part?” Asked Alpha inquisitively, “oh ah well, I just got asked it by Kidd, the bigger one over there, I don’t know why I said it sorry” “hehe it’s ok. Because I have a brother named Charlie others think my brothers are called Delta and Bravo” “haha, are they?” “No”, they continued their approach to the lone reindeer who was now staring at Asher “this is creepy, I’m going to go introduce my self to Kidd and the others” and with that, Alpha departed to leave Asher and Bit alone.
A few moments of pure awkwardness passed before Bit finally spoke, “I’m Bit” “I’m Asher” “I like you Asher, you seem nice” “thanks” Asher was surprised at the comment as they had only said a few words to each other. “If you didn’t know I don’t talk much” Bit said randomly, “you seem pretty talkative to me” “yeah, to you, you seem like a person I can trust, so I talk to you” “fair enough” Asher felt special yet also a little weirded out. Asher asked, “Want to go and talk to the others?”  Bit turned around and said, “not really, I don’t trust them and that one that thinks he’s funny seems like a bit of a thick hoof” (thick hoof is another reindeer insult).
The loud speaker announced for all reindeer to assemble out the front of the building in five minutes, the horde of reindeer slowly amassed with the six others in front of them. The human from before entered the courtyard along with Dasher of the Great Eight; Dasher approached the six already selected and gave his son Rudolf a high three to congratulate him. “Why are there only six of you up here? Sky where are you?” Sky hesitantly stepped forward out of the crowd and rejoined the others, she approached Dasher and spoke “umm excuse me sir, please pick my brother Jay as the last official trainee, we auditioned together and I think that we did as well as each other” Dasher leant down to be at sky’s height and said “Sky we chose you because you were the best doe out there” Sky felt sad “oh so you won’t pick him then”, Dasher reassured her “I didn’t say that, (he raised his voice) and the last trainee is Jay, come and join your sister and the other official reindeer trainees”.

*Story and pictures by Sam Pratley

About Sam (by Aut)
Sam is one of the member’s of TMSM’s Facebook group TMSM Fan Nation.  Sam is in school in Dunedin New Zealand and is one of the many members of the Nation that lives outside of the United States that contributes to threads and topics regularly adding to the “wonderfulness” of the Nation.

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