The Disney Store Releases Limited Availability Star Tours 25th Anniversary Tee

fwb_star-tours-flash-sale_2014121525 years ago today the original Star Tours attraction opened in Hollywood Studios, and it closed on 9/7/10 to be updated to the current version titled Star Tours—The Adventures Continue ride we now know and love. The original Star Tours simulator ride plot was a set story line, unlike the current randomized ride sequence that “Adventure Continues” has. The original Star Tours was piloted by RX-24 (Rex) and was a set plot line which had travelers voyaging to Endor, only to miss their destination and end up in an comet cluster. Once Rex freed the Starspeeder from the comet, it would then get caught by an Imperial Star Destroyer before being freed by a Rebel X-wing and joins the battle to destroy the Death Star. The Starspeeder then not so smoothly lands in the spaceport.

To celebrate Star Tour’s 25th Anniversary the Disney Store has released a new limited availability shirt! The shirt was created especially for the Walt Disney World resort, and is only available for purcash from 12/15-12/18/14. Available in adult and children’s sizes the Disney Store is also offering a Mix and Match special of 2 for $40 (usually $21.95-$24.95 each).


To order yours visit then select Disney Parks Products and Limited Release Items. The Disney Store reminders shoppers that this item does have limited availability and to “please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery”.



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