Disney from a Teen’s Perspective: Jedi Training Academy

Darth Maul

Hollywood Studios has a fun opportunity for kids ages 4-12 who are Star Wars fans. It’s called Jedi Training Academy! Basically, you are taught a light saber routine which is then used to battle Lord Vader himself. My little sister has been fortunate enough to have done it twice. I have done it once and it is quite fun even though I rather be with the dark side!

Training Academy

When I went to Jedi Training Academy, it was during Star Wars Weekends. It is extra crowded during this time so they pull out a few extra “masters” and two more members of the dark side. During Star Wars Weekends you can fight Darth Maul, Asajj Ventress, or Darth Vader. You also might have Ahsoka Tano as your “master.” When I was in it, I fought Darth Vader. He is there year round whereas Darth Maul, Asajj Ventress, and Ahsoka Tano are only there during Star Wars Weekends.

Training Academy 1

I recently went to Hollywood Studios and we took my sister to be in the show again. She loves it so much! It never gets old to see her up there doing what she does best! I had a lot of fun as well. To see the smile on my sister’s face is the best.

Training Academy 2

I just love watching all of the kids fighting Darth Vader. Every time we go to Hollywood Studios, we end up watching some of the show. Have your kids ever tried out Jedi Training Academy?

Training Academy 3

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