Moroccan Style: The Art of Personal Adornment

10620289_10203793837421258_2944640902523831894_oSeveral years ago Drew and I were roaming around Epcot and I decided I was ready to sit down. It was one of those hot, muggy, busy days where all the benches are taken and the stores were crowded from people trying to “steal some AC time”. As we wondered around Morocco I noticed a door, and wondered “hmmm, what is in there?” Imagine my surprise when the door just to the left of the entrance of the Pavilion was a small museum. But not just ANY museum, it was a gallery about Moroccan clothing and jewelry that teaches guests a little history in the process. This wonderful exhibit teaches guests about Moroccan jewelry, kohl, scarves, henna, the Hand of Fatima and the Berbers and is filled with the same breath taking tile work and surroundings that the rest of the Pavilion has to offer. Take a photographic walk through this amazing exhibit below, and make sure you stop in and enjoy it yourself the next time you visit Epcot!




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