Racing Disney: Proof of Time and Coast to Coast

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Racing Disney: Proof of Time and Coast to Coast by Guest Blogger Addie Clark

10592926_1001292259896736_644429578545076184_nHey there Main Streeters! Today I want to talk to you about two unrelated topics: one is very important to your race and the other is the a topic that some people have been asking about so I wanted to provide some more information.

Proof of Time: If you are running a half or full marathon, you need to submit what runDisney calls a “proof of time.” Well, you don’t have to. But I would highly recommend it. See, runDisney has a time limit on its races…for example, the time limit of the Princess Half Marathon is 3 hours and 30 minutes (or 16 minutes per mile). The caveat to that time limit, though, is that the clock for your race limit doesn’t start until the last person crosses the starting line. And here’s where a proof of time works to your advantage.

RunDisney races use a staggered start. Runners are grouped into corrals and the corrals have a staggered start time. The elite runners start first and then the corrals are grouped based on submitted proof of time. If you don’t submit a proof of time, you are automatically placed in the last corral of the race. It is beneficial for you to submit a proof of time, not only because you get more time to race (and take pictures along the course), but also because you will be grouped with runners who are at a similar pace to yours. Which means less running around people as you find your stride. Which is nice.

Now, you may be asking yourself: How do I get a proof of time? Well, that’s usually pretty easy. Specifics are available on the event page for your race on the runDisney website, but basically, you need to find a race. If you’re running a half, your race must be AT LEAST a 10K. And it must be chip timed, so that the results will be able to be verified online by runDisney. It used to be that you had to email all of the relevant email, but now runDisney has a website for you to submit the info. Normally, you have until about 10 weeks prior to your race weekend (Princess Weekend in Feb 19-22, and proof is due Dec 1). Personally, I’ve been doing a couple races to try and get the best time I can, because some days you just don’t have a good race.

Coast to Coast: Now for some bling. The Coast to Coast medal is coveted amongst Disney runners. It is earned by running a half marathon on each coast (Disney World and Disneyland) in the same calendar year. It sounds easy, but since none of these races come cheap, it is not something that is easily gotten for most. One day, I hope to get one myself. There two different kinds of Coast to Coast medals. The blue Coast to Coast medals pictured with this article are the “normal” ones. They are what you get for any half at WDW and any half at DL. There is also a pink Coast to Coast medal, however. This one is only obtainable if you run the Princess Half marathon and the Tinkerbell Half marathon, since they are both the “female-centric” races runDisney has. And even then, you have a choice of pink or blue.

So there you have it! That’s all I’ve got on the general race information. The next couple of blogs will be on runDisney costumes, so stay tuned! Until then, run on! runDisney LogoTMSM is very excited to publish the first in a series of  runDisney articles by Addie Clark. Please keep an eye out for more of Addie’s articles as she prepares for her upcoming race!
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