Disney from a Teen’s Perspective: Power of Pixie Dust

October 19, 2014 , , ,


It’s been a busy week for me and I haven’t found the time to write my normal blog about something at Disney. Why have I been so busy? Besides Disney, writing, and photography, my other passion is playing volleyball. Well this past week was tryouts for my middle school team and this took up my entire week. Tryouts were a 4 day process and it was very stressful. I had to ask for a lot of pixie dust from my family, friends, and my extended family in Fan Nation.

What is Pixie Dust you ask? If you are a member of TMSM Fan Nation, then you hear it all the time. When someone is going through something stressful, or a medical issues, or just a bad time sometimes we ask for Pixie Dust. To me, it’s like a warm hug telling me that everything is going to be ok. Getting support from hundreds of people which helped boost my confidence.

On the night before the first day of tryouts, I had asked the Fan Nation to wish me luck at tryouts. Everyone was so supportive and the Pixie Dust began to fly in. Instantly my nerves were wiped away. I did the same the next day for day 2 of tryouts. The response throughout tryouts was amazing!

On the last day of tryouts my nerves were high. They post a list at the end of tryouts and if your name is on it, you made the team. Stepping up to that list after 4 days of tryouts was so scary. When I saw my name on the list, I was so happy. I made the team! The first person I went to was my mom who has been by my side through the whole thing and then my dad. After that, all I could think about is my extended family, the Nation. I got in the car and I immediately updated all of you. All the pixie dust that was sent to me really helped. Everyone was so supportive during that time and it really meant a lot to me.

Thank you to everyone for all the support this past week. This just shows how powerful pixie dust can be. When you need help or pixie dust, you know you can go to your TMSM Family since they are so supportive. Now it’s time to head out to Disney and share some more Disney Fun! Thank you again everyone!


About TMSM’s Teen Perspective Writer Gabby Adani:
”Hi Mainstreeters! I’m Gabby and I’m going to be writing about Disney from a teen’s perspective. But first let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 13 years old and have had Disney Annual Passes my whole life. Disney is literally my second home. I’m an honors student and enjoy school. My favorite sport is volleyball. I play for both my middle school team and the YMCA. I am also a huge fan of Star Wars.”

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  1. Gabby, you need to take credit for this accomplishment. Pixie Dust may have been the hook to ease your nervousness, but your athleticism is what got you on the team! Good for you! 🙂

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