Things that May Make you “Clutch Your Pearls” at Disney World!

October 19, 2014


The title of this article may have grabbed your attention…. either your know what a “pearl clutcher” is or you are curious to know what the heck I’m talking about. In our private group on Facebook, TMSM Fan Nation, we get into all kinds of interesting conversations and subject matters. One term we use in there is “pearl clutching.” You know what that is….. moments where you may “clutch your pearls” are when you gasp in disbelief or shock by what you’ve just seen. It happens…. even at Disney. So, we did a poll in TMSM Fan Nation and asked members for different instances at Disney World that shocked them, or caused them to clutch their pearls. Some are good, some are bad, we took ideas from both ends of the spectrum. The answers were pretty amusing, and of course, all in good fun! No one is perfect, and sometimes all you can do is laugh at certain moments when they happen. So for the sake of entertainment purposes, here’s are some pearl clutching moments seen at Disney, courtesy of some fun Main Streeters, and a few of my own, enjoy!

Seeing people steal money out of the fountain in Germany at Epcot. (they’re lucky they didn’t fall in). ~Mike

I had an awesome pearl clutching moment. I was going to take a pic in front of POTC of my family, when a CM stopped me and asked if he could take our photo. I was all like “You would do that?” He smiled and said, “Of course.You need to have a family picture at Disney.” I got all choked up. ~Sarah

Pearl clutching moment, we were at one of the water parks, I’m there with my daughter and my husband when I see a woman in a thong bathing suit she was wearing a cover up however it was totally see though. My daughter noticed and asked me if her bathing suit was ripped. ~Andrea

At Epcot, I saw a disabled guest in a wheelchair get taken up to meet Duffy. The girl in the chair had a blank look on her face, I wasn’t sure if was fully aware of her surroundings, and I felt so bad for her. After a few moments with Duffy trying to hug her and interact with her, to her families surprise, she smiled. I gasped, just seeing her families response, that was pure Disney magic at it’s finest. ~M

I was sitting outside along the strollers on the curb waiting for my kids and husband to come out of the bathroom, if memory serves, it was the ones near Muppets at DHS. As I sat there, I watched a child, no more than 4, walk over to peoples strollers, and take things from them, throw them in other people’s strollers and keep on going down the line. I said something to the mother, to which she responded “mind your own business don’t tell me how to raise my kid”… I was just shocked. I wasn’t rude about it I just said “Hey um, your kid is getting into peoples stuff in their strollers.” ~Sara G

I saw a lady change a 2 ( or possibly 3) year old’s very messy diaper on table next to me at lunch time in a packed restaurant at Animal Kingdom. My nephew started gagging! The Mom looked over at us and gave us a dirty look as if we were judging. Does that count at as pearl clutcher? ~Helga (ok, this one wins the pearl clutcher award, there’s no excuse for that!)

At the Magic Kingdom, I had seen an elderly couple, at least in their 80’s or better, wearing those shirts that say “I’m her Mickey” and “I’m his Minnie” on them with anniversary buttons, holding hands strolling along. The Cast Members and other guests were wishing them a Happy Anniversary, and they looked so happy. It was the sweetest thing! ~M

While waiting for the doors to open at Mickey’s Philharmagic, there was a little girl climbing all over the bars in the queue, like a gymnast getting ready to do flips and such. She was making me nervous because she was so wild and I was afraid she’d get hurt. When I finally saw her mother come over, I breathed a sigh of relief…. but my relief was short lived because the Mom just came over to take pictures of the girl doing flips on the bars, not to tell her to stop it. Finally a CM stepped in, and I could let go of my pearls. ~M

So, as you can see above, people can clutch their pearls for both good reasons and bad. We see shocking things while at Disney, and if you’re a people watcher like me, you’ll see all kinds of things going on around you. Have you had an instance at Disney that caused you to “clutch your pearls” too? If so, be sure to tell us about it, you could be mentioned in an upcoming article! Thank you for reading, I hope you had fun!

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  1. I had seen Merida about 6 months before and had a picture taken of the two of us mugging for the camera. I had a pen held in place by my upper lip and Merida used her finger because she had no pen. Well, I had the picture printed on a t-shirt and was waiting in line hoping it was the same cast member so she could autograph it. I needn’t have worried. As I entered her castle courtyard. she saw me and with a smile on her face she placed her finger across her lip. I now have 3 shirts each with a new picture containing all the previous shirts. To see this amazing cast member Google “Merida autism” under video. This is not me but how she interacted for ~27 minutes with an autistic guy celebrating his 21st birthday.

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