Any good Disney Parks fan knows that Halloween is an especially magical time to visit Disneyland orWalt Disney World. There are many valid reasons for this—the decorations, the entertainment, the atmosphere—but our hands-down favorite thing is all the delicious seasonal snacks. We recently took a field trip to Disneyland to sample firsthand as many pumpkin-flavored foods as we possibly could. Tough job… but someone had to do it.

Read on for an item-by-item roundup of our pumpkin food crawl, as well as answers to burning questions like “How much pumpkin-flavored food can one person reasonably consume in a single afternoon?” (We will say, we were proud of our final tally.)

Pumpkin Twist


These new snacks are satisfying, doughy, and scientifically engineered to fit perfectly in your hand as you stroll through Fantasyland, taking in the creative costumes around you and reveling in the detail of the fall decorations. We loved the combination of sweetness and pumpkin–one almost didn’t feel like enough.

Pumpkin Cheesecake


Cheesecake is a rich and delicious treat, and this perfectly portioned pumpkin version is no exception. The texture and taste reminded us a bit of pumpkin pie, crowning this dessert as the king of the Halloween to Thanksgiving crossover.

Pumpkin Muffin


We’ve never had a muffin like this one. Tt was surprisingly moist with just the right amount of pumpkin, and the cream cheese topping made the perfect accompaniment. We recommend having it as a snack to recharge during a busy Park day.

Pumpkin Beignets


These popular goodies come in groups of three or six, and are accompanied by generous heaps of powdered sugar. Despite how sweet they were, their airy fluffiness and made-to-order freshness allow them to work as either snacks or desserts. We thought we’d only want three, but got six to be safe, and ended up glad that we did!

Pumpkin Cupcake


Be warned: this is by far the sweetest pumpkin treat we enjoyed. Its pumpkin cake base with cream-cheese filling and subtly pumpkin-flavored frosting put us right in the Halloween mood, and gave us the sugar rush we needed to continue on our quest. Their larger size means that younger kids will probably be fine with splitting one cupcake.

Pumpkin Sourdough Bread Loaf


During Halloween weekend, the famous sourdough of Disney California Adventure can be yours to take home in a pumpkin-shaped loaf. Perfect for serving at Halloween parties, making your daily sandwiches more exciting, or scaring your other bread, this is a seasonal offering that no Disney fan should miss out on.

Pumpkin Pie


All good things must come to an end, and after eating more pumpkin food than is probably wise, we had to end our crawl with this, the quintessential pumpkin food. We loved that it was available in cute five-inch personal pies. We shouldn’t have wanted to finish every last bite by this point, but we did. That’s how good it was.

We hope there’s plenty of pumpkin food in your upcoming Halloween plans! Which seasonal Disney Parks treats are you most looking forward to nabbing this fall?



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