Chronicles of the Pizza Planet Truck

September 27, 2014 ,

There are a few things that are parts of most if not all Pixar films.  We always know, John Ratzenberger will do a voice somewhere in the film.  We know the Luxo Ball will find it’s place somewhere in all the Pixar films and don’t forget about Luxo Jr., the desk lamp, who appears as the “I” in the word Pixar Production Logo before and after credits of the films, except in Toy Story where it’s only involved at the end.  There is one other staple that is in most of the Pixar films (wasn’t in The Incredibles), that is the Pizza Planet Truck.

Toy Story


The Pizza Planet truck first made its way onto the silver screen and into our hearts in Toy Story. With its “YO” decal, rusty yellow paint, and spaceship topper, it was the vehicle of every ’90s kid’s dreams. Plus, we can only assume it comes with an eternal pizza scent, an added bonus.

 A Bug’s Life


The Pizza Planet truck’s next delivery took us from the suburbs to the outlands. This trailer home — another Pixar beacon — can be seen just beyond Bug City. We just hope the owners didn’t order a pepperoachi pizza. Or maybe bar-bee-cue chicken. We’d keep going, but the jokes are too cheesy.

Toy Story 2


The Pizza Planet truck, in all of its gold-ish glory, was a sight for sore plastic eyes in its next stop outside Al’s apartment building. With Buzz at the wheel and Rex on navigation duty, the gang miraculously managed to put the pedal to the metal for their Woody rescue mission.

Monsters, Inc.


The truck, parked beside to the same trailer home we saw in A Bug’s Life, made its next stop in Monsters, Inc. when Randall was transported via closet door to this family’s warm welcome.

Finding Nemo

Pizza-Planet_Finding-NemoAs we found out in Finding Nemo, Pizza Planet even makes deliveries down under. When Gill was mapping out the Tank Gang’s plans of escape, he imagined a plastic baggy roll to freedom, tumbling just past the Pizza Planet truck.



The Pizza Planet truck gets a slight makeover in a cameo just before Lightning McQueen’s big race. And by “slight makeover,” we mean he’s completely re-stylized with a fresh set of eyes and a mouth to fit the world of Cars.



The Pizza Planet truck’s world travels continue to Paris, crossing over the bridge during Skinner and Remy’s chase scene. In a city praised for its foie gras, escargot, baguettes, and pretty pastries, not even Anton Ego could resist a Pizza Planet pizza.



When EVE first lands on earth, she floats on over to the trusty, rusty Pizza Planet truck. Although we’re meant to believe that EVE is on life form detection duty, we can’t help but think she was just looking to get her pizza fix. Even robots can love. And even robots can love pizza.



Like peanut butter & jelly and macaroni & cheese, pizza & ice cream are just meant to be. The Pizza Planet truck, dwarfed by the massive dirigible floating just overhead, is parked in the Fentons Creamery lot at the end of Up.

Toy Story 3


The truck finds its way back to its Toy Story roots when Big Baby, Lotso, and Chuckles the Clown attempt to hitch a bumpy ride on the rain.

Cars 2


The Pizza Planet truck gets its friendly face back for the Cars sequel as a Radiator Springs Grand Prix spectator. (And also suffers the wrath of loose luggage from a familiar couple parked just beside.)



The superstar car takes on a different form as a hand-carved wooden relic inside the witch’s workshop. If we look closely, would we find tiny wooden pizzas?

Monsters University


Because nothing says college like pizza.

In some movies, the Pizza Planet truck appears more than once. Where else have you spotted it?

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