Are you like a Disney Character? Can you relate to any?

September 27, 2014 ,

This was a favorite article of mine, so I thought I’d re-post it in case you missed it the first go-around. Enjoy! ~M

Rapunzel and Elsa

It may sound like a silly question to some, but….. Do you think you can relate to a Disney character? Disney makes all of their characters somewhat relatable, that’s a given, but can you really identify with any one character or characters that Disney has out there? It could even be a story line from a certain movie that may strike a chord with you. Let me explain a little to put it into better perspective.

Back when “Tangled” came out, I absolutely loved the movie from the first time I saw it. Not only did I love the story, I really felt that the characters had a lot of depth to them. The writers made the story go along well enough so that viewers actually felt like they knew the characters, and we grew to really care about them. For me, the story of Rapunzel, and how she chased her dreams despite her fears really hit home with me. No, I didn’t want to go see lanterns fly across the sky (even though that scene is beautiful), I wanted to have a successful Disney website that people would actually care about. It was a scary thing, and there had been less than supportive people who tried to hold me down, call them my own personal Mother Gothel. Every time I’d get discouraged, I’d think of the song “I’ve Got A Dream” and keep moving along, humming as I went. I even wrote a blog about a year and a half ago about this, it’s just something that really helped me along. So, Rapunzel overcame adversity as well as those who wanted to hold her back, and in the end she was able to go and live her dream. That’s what I was going to do too, so thanks to Tangled for the inspiration!

The second character I can relate to, a little less though, is Elsa from “Frozen.” No, I don’t have magical Frozen powers, and I don’t have a sister who really wants to build a snowman. This one is a little different. Elsa too, like Rapunzel, had to overcome some major adversity, and had to push forward to get something better going for herself. She stayed locked up in her room for years out of fear, and once she broke free of it, she never wanted to return to that old life. I can totally relate to this as well. Earlier this year when I was on the fence about moving to Florida, I felt like Elsa, just too scared to do anything new or different. I had gone through a lot of things in my life, both personally and medically in the past few years, and I was paralyzed to a point. Scared to make changes and move forward. When you get told by people that you “can’t” for so long, you almost start to believe it. So, what do you do? Stay inside and cry and be afraid, or do you just be brave and make a move? Well, if you follow my writings then you already know what I did. I threw caution to the wind and just decided to (cliche’ moment coming……) “Let it Go!” As much as people are tired of Frozen and that song and such, I still tear up when I hear it. It brings back so many feelings for me when I was trying to decide what to do when it came to moving to Florida and following my dreams. It means something to me, just like my dear “I’ve Got A Dream” does.

Some may feel that it’s silly to identify with or learn from a cartoon character. Others will totally understand and relate to what I’m saying and maybe think of their own situations. Life is multi-faceted and we go through so much throughout our journey. Lessons and things that bring us comfort or inspiration can come from anywhere, even a Disney movie. There’s nothing wrong with that, I’m not ashamed to say it. So thank you to Rapunzel and Elsa both, for seemingly giving me that extra push at times in my life when I needed it! If you have a similar story, I’d love to hear it, feel free to tell me about it in the comment section! Thanks for reading! ~M


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