Top 5 Guest Questions That Were Asked To Me When I was a CM

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Top 5 Guest Questions That Were Asked To Me When I was a CM by Brandon Popper

10648667_797870270163_2975543477375031188_oTen years ago I was working as a cast member for the Walt Disney Company as a College Program participant while attending Triton College in a suburb of Chicago, IL. While I was there I worked in merchandise in the busiest store on property, The Emporium. There would be days where I’d go in at maybe 6pm or later and not get off until 2am, or even sometimes 4am, we’d be leaving as the morning stockers and cleaning crews were coming in. In my time as a cast member at the Magic Kingdom, I received MANY MANY MANY questions. I am going to give you what I believe are “The Top 5 Questions” that were asked to me where the guest already knew the answer. These are not going to be in any special order.

(NOTE: Now remember that these questions we questions I got while working at the Magic Kingdom 10 years ago, I am sure they are still questions asked today and will be asked in the future. I am not making fun of anyone for asking them as I am sure we will all laugh at some of these questions and think, “how can that person be so oblivious” or something along those lines but these have been asked)

#5: Do you work here?
Surprisingly this question was asked quite often. As a cast member who wore a white long sleeve shirt, brown plaid with an aqua/green tie and brown pants, had a name tag with what school/town I was from and a lanyard of pins, no sir/madam I do not work here.

popper  Yes that is me at the age of 19 working the Emporium one day when a friend and her family were at Disney (trip was planned before I knew I was going to be a CP)

#4: Where is the castle?
Now, this one you may think, really! Just like the other one at #5, some people are very delusional when they come to the park(s). There is just so much going on and so much to take in some people really don’t realize where Cinderella’s Castle is. Now remember this is something you pretty much can see no matter where you are in the park. There we days where I worked in Tomorrow Land, I worked in Mickey’s Toon Town (now part of the extended Fantasyland) as well as working in Adventure land when I was needed to work other areas due to staffing. I heard this one EVERYWHERE in the park. As much as some of us wanted to give very smart remarks and answers we were nice and told them where to find the castle and how to get there, as most people either wanted to get there for a parade or get to Main Street to leave the park.

Castle#3: Is this Wishes?
Now as most people have heard the soundtrack to the nightly firework show “Wishes” and I am sure most of us can sing it in our sleep (I know I sure can after 10 years away from being a cast member) So during the show you hear the phrases “Wishes” quite often and would think you would know that this is Wishes, but I do remember having people ask if it was Fantasmic or Illuminations from time to time as well, where I would have to explain that no our show was called Wishes and where the others could be found at.

Wishes #2: Does Walt live here at the park?
This one confused me very much to some extent because a lot of people should know that Walt passed away before MK opened and there are many places within the park that dedicate his life and what he accomplished in the process of getting Magic Kingdom setup in Central Florida. So we would explain that information with the guests.

walt#1) Now the other questions that we got/get asked you could understand to an extent but the last question literally has the answer in the question itself and really wont get a big explanation because of that, now since I am making you wait just a little longer to find out what that question is, (lets have a drum roll please for what I think is the #1 question asked where the guest already knows the answer is) What time is the 3 o’clock parade? Yes, TMSM family this is actually a question we would get multiple times a day BEFORE the parade normally. What we would do is tell them that they answered their own question and they would give us a blank stare most of the time like they are saying it in their head and realize the answer while laughing at themselves and saying thank you and they are on their magical way out the door.



My name is Brandon Popper and I am a Disney addict.  Living in Southern Indiana relocated from the Windy City.  Been into Disney pretty much my whole life, favorite movie is Aladdin.  In 2004, I had the pleasure to work for Disney as a College Program cast member working at the emporium.  Moved to Orlando for a few months back in 2008 and became AP for the time we were there.  I even got engaged at Disney’s Artist Point. Become DVC members in June 2014. I am an avid sports fan with the Chicago Cubs being my favorite.  I am happily married and have a 2.5 year old son Franklin.

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  1. My answer to the “3:00 parade” question? “Depends on where you sit.” 🙂 The parade steps off from Frontierland, so if you sit *there*, it will be 3:00. By the time it gets to the train station in Town Square, it’s 3:20. So, if you sit anywhere else, it will be in between 3:00 and 3:20. 🙂

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