Great Answers to “Why are you going to Disney, AGAIN???”

Recently a Main Streeter posted the following question in the “TMSM Fan Nation” group on Facebook “I need some suggestions of new things to answer when I get hounded on “why are you going there again?!” Some of the answers members shared were wonderfully diplomatic while others were so hilarious I had to share them with the rest of you.


  • It’s my happy place.
  • Human Resources suggested I find a happy place to help offset the stress I endure at work.
  • WDW is a resort with in a resort. Unlimited combinations of resort stays. Attractions entertainment for all ages. Boating, para-sailing, fishing, shopping, fine dining, lounging at the pool or the lake, movies, shows, Cirque Due Solei, Race car driving, golf, I could go on and on. What I say to those people it they have no idea what is truly available at WDW, and that they are limited buy their imagination.
  • My vacation, my way.
  • I can only eat Dole Whips and Magic Churros, it’s time for me to go back and stock up so I can survive for the next 3 months.
  • Tell them you are going to France, to take in the Eiffel Tower and sit at a side walk cafe eating french pastries. Tell them you are going to Africa on a Safari so you can see the elephants in all their gracefulness and hear the road of a lion. Tell me you are going on a Cruise, to the happiest place on earth and you might just bump into Pirates along the way! To them you are going to Hollywood to see what kind of characters you can spy.  Disney is not an amusement park! It is a way of life! Experience it!
  • Because I’m a big boy and I want to.
  • The treasure map keeps leading me there.
  • Mickey is sick and has requested I to be his personal nurse.
  • I’m a Disney kid, it’s what we do. It’s in our DNA.
  • Because the local theme park banned me.
  • I actually Live in WDW, I just vacation here.
  • When I’m there, I’m transported to a time and place where the world is most magical, inspirational, clean and safe. Above all, I get to be a kid again. And who wouldn’t want to leave cares, responsibilities and deadlines etc. behind and lose themselves in the magic?
  • It’s my happy place and I don’t have to justify that to you.
  • My doctor recommends I get exposed to X many Lovebugs a year.
  • I’m a member of a secret society bent of tri-city area domination and Disney is where we are having our next convention. L.o.v.e.m.u.f.f.i.n. will be noted on the convention center schedule if you want to join us!
  • I’m having snazzily dressed rodent withdrawal.
  • I’m a personal mentor to the princesses.
  • I’m going to be on a new reality dating show last prince standing.

We hope you enjoyed this list and would love to hear your funny or diplomatic responses to the “You are going to Disney AGAIN?” question!

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