How Well Do You Know… Disneyland’s Adventureland?

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Here is anohter quiz to test your Disneyland Adventureland knowledge.

“Here is adventure. Here is romance. Here is mystery. Tropical rivers – silently flowing into the unknown. The unbelievable splendor of exotic flowers… the eerie sound of the jungle… with eyes that are always watching. This is Adventureland.” – Walt Disney

The exciting and exotic tropical regions of the world come to life in this quiz that is sure to test your knowledge to the fullest extent. We stepped up the challenge level yet again and prepared a collection of trivia and hidden gems that may stump even the biggest Disneyland fans. Fear not if you don’t do so hot, there’s plenty of Juju to go around–you can always retake for a perfect score!


1.  What was formerly located where the Temple of the Forbidden Eye now resides?
a. Bear Country
b. Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse
c. The Eeyore Parking Lot
d. Downtown Disney

2. What is the name of the all-powerful temple deity in the Indiana Jones Adventure?
a. Sallah
b. Sara
c. Paheh
d. Mara

3. As the story goes, what is the location of Temple of the Forbidden Eye?
a. The Lost Delta
b. Nepal
c. The Andes
d. The Mystic Jungle

4. Which is not the name of a boat on the World Famous Jungle Cruise?
a. Ucayali Una
b. Kissimmee Kate
c. Irrawaddy Woman
d. Berma Blossom

5. Which is the correct sequence of locations that one travels through prior to boarding a modified troop transport vehicle in the Temple of the Forbidden Eye?
a. Bat Cave, Rotunda, Spike Room
b. Chamber of Destiny, Hall of Promise, Bamboo Canyon
c. Obelisk of Doom, Bamboo Canyon, Hall of Descending Pillars
d. Hall of Descending Pillars, Hall of Promise, Chamber of Destiny

6. Which original song from Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room enchanted guests from 1963 to the mid 1990s?
a. Pineapple Princess
b. Hawaiian War Chant
c. Barcarolle
d. Let’s All Sing Like the Birdies Sing

7. The World Famous Jungle Cruise was inspired by…
a. Swiss Family Robinson
b. The African Queen (1951)
c. Walt Disney’s Childhood Trips to the Tropics
d. Harper Goff’s Fascination with Hippos

8. Finish the phrase: “The Temple of the Forbidden Eye continues to beckon visitors from around the globe. They’ve all heard the tantalizing tales…”
a. World famous Archaeologist Indiana Jones follows a tattered map to an ancient edifice
b. Everyone’s agog over this enchanting discovery by famed Archaeologist Indiana Jones.
c. A pauper who became a Rockefeller in these ruins.
d. A matronly movie star made young again.

9. The World Famous Jungle Cruise is set in the year…
a. 1928
b. 1932
c. 1938
d. 1948

10. Schweitzer Falls in the World Famous Jungle Cruise is named after…
a. Dr. Alexei Schweitzer
b. Tony Schweitzer, an Imagineer who designed the “African Veldt” show scene
c. Dr. Albert Falls
d. Dr. Albert Schweitzer

11. Ngendei, a Tiki God that resides in the Lanai of the Enchanted Tiki Room, is responsible for…
a. Balancing the world
b. Creating agriculture
c. Discovering electricity
d. Conjuring rain



1. c. The Eeyore Parking Lot
2. d. Mara
3. a. The Lost Delta
4. d. Berma Blossom
5. c. Obelisk of Doom, Bamboo Canyon, Hall of Descending Pillars
6. c. Barcarolle
7. b. The African Queen (1951)
8. d. A matronly movie star made young again.
9. c. 1938
10. c. Dr. Albert Falls
11. a. Balancing the world


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