Disney from a Teen’s Perspective: Character Meet and Greets Anna and Elsa

August 24, 2014

Character Meet and Greets Anna and Elsa By TMSM Teen Perspective Writer Gabby Adani


I’ve done the Character Spot at EPCOT and now I think it’s time to put the spotlight on Princess Anna and Queen Elsa. The lines to meet them can get crazy but with a Fastpass+ you can meet them in a breeze.

I love doing character meet and greets. It never gets old! When Anna and Elsa were still at EPCOT, we waited in a four hour line. We went to EPCOT specifically to meet them since we hadn’t done so yet. The line was almost to Mexico! Once it was our turn, you could see how happy my sister and brother were. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited too. They were great and played their characters well.

2The second time we met them was at the 24 Hour event. This was probably one of my favorite times. We had another great Anna and Elsa and thankfully we had a Fastpass+. I love Elsa and Anna’s personalities. They are very different, just like my sister and I, but in the end they love each other.

3The final time we met them was on the Fourth of July when they were split up. This was one of my least favorite times since they were split up. In my opinion, they were much better together. One of the best parts was when we were with Elsa and we started talking about my braid. She was asking if I put snowflakes in my braid. I was like nope, but I put bows in them!


5I know I’ve said this in the past, but you are never too old to meet a Disney character. Its fun and I love to see the smiles on everyone’s faces. Never be ashamed if you get super excited about meeting a character. Show them your personality like they show you theirs. Also, a good idea to start a conversation with a character is to have a few questions planned. An example for Anna and Elsa would be “how’s Olaf doing?” We always ask this and the younger ones love it.

I have a question for everyone: who is your favorite character to meet?


About TMSM’s Teen Perspective Writer Gabby Adani:
”Hi Mainstreeters! I’m Gabby and I’m going to be writing about Disney from a teen’s perspective. But first let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m 13 years old and have had Disney Annual Passes my whole life. Disney is literally my second home. I’m an honors student and enjoy school. My favorite sport is volleyball. I play for both my middle school team and the YMCA. I am also a huge fan of Star Wars.”

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