We have been fortunate enough to see the Frozen Fireworks twice now, from Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  The first time we were there was the first night and we were very close to the stage and unable to really see everything in the sky.  We went back this past weekend and we were much further down on Hollywood Boulevard and able to see them much better.  I have to say, I really enjoyed the fireworks, Disney did a great job as always.  If you have the chance to get to see them before they are done on September 1st, make sure you get there.  They start each night at 9:45 pm, but before that they have the Coolest Summer Dance Party Ever with a DJ that keeps the crowd entertained.


Disney Parks Blog author Bob Hitchcock recently headed out to the park to take a look and find out what guests – and even some of the creators of the show – think of the new nighttime spectacular. Check it out below.

We did get some video from this past Saturday’s show, you won’t be able to see the stage show but you can hear all the dialogue and to me the best part was at the end when the snow was falling from the rooftops onto Hollywood Boulevard.


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