TMSM Summer Craft: Fun Picture Props

July 15, 2014

Tomorrow TMSM will be hosting a “mini-meet” at Epcot so I thought this would be fun for those who will be going as well as those at home. Make sure you share your photos of you and your picture props when you are done!


card stock or foam (or if your local art store has them balsa wood “photo props”)
paint and/or patterned paper
modge podge (if you are using paper)
chop sticks, balsa stick or paint sticks from the home improvement store

(If you were able to find Balsa props Skip Steps 1 -4)

1. Print out the prop stencils you want to use from below
2. Trace them on the Foam or paper
3. Cut out
4. Attach to your stick
5. DECORATE!!!! You can paint, glue paper etc to your pattern to decorate it any way you want!
(For the balsa props I glued the item to the back of scrapbook paper and left it sitting face down for awhile to dry, then had the person in the house that is allowed to use a crafting knife cut them out from behind the pattern)
6. I coated my props (painted and paper decorated) with Modge Podge to give them some protection. I used Glitter Modge Podge to give them shine.
7. After your props are dry it is time to have some fun!! Get out there and take some photos of you and your props and then share them with us on our Facebook page!!!


Tip: I took a empty box and cut holes in it to slide the bow ties in the pictures in it so they could stand while drying)

   bow glasses lip moust



Supplies for tomorrow:
3 peel and stick foam sheets (black, red and yellow for Mickey or Pink, Black and white for Minnie)
Elastic string

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