Happy Birthday to Peggy Lynch

Now how many readers saw the title of this article and thought “Who is Peggy Lynch?”.  Well Peggy Lynch is the birth name of none other than Margaret Kerry.  Just in case you are not sure who Margaret Kerry is, she is the model that helped bring Disney’s most beloved Tinkerbell’s animation to life.

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In becoming Tink, Kerry answered an audition call during the planning stages of the animated feature film Peter Pan. The audition, supervised by animator Marc Davis, required her to pantomime the motions that would be animated as Tinkerbell. She won the part and spent six months at the Disney Studios on a mostly empty soundstage pantomiming the part. The studios provided props, notably a giant keyhole mounted on a stand as well as a pair of giant scissors, used in the scene where Tinker Bell became trapped in a jewelry box.

Margaret Kerry

Since 1992, Kerry has been a producer, writer and host of “What’s Up Weekly” on KKLA-FM Los Angeles, a Christian radio station. The station’s community services director, she heads an outreach program that connects to more than 200 non-profit service agencies. She attends conventions and signs autographs, including the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention. Kerry has also been a guest on TMSM friends, Skywalking Through Neverland’s podcast.

TMSM wishes Margaret Kerry a very Happy Birthday.



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