I will admit it, I like Enchanted.  I think it’s honestly a great movie.  One of the things that pulled me into watching it was seeing Nathaniel chasing Pip. All his ways to capture Pip and his failure kept me laughing.  I don’t know why, but watching a big guy chase after a little animal that’s smart, well it’s just funny.  The music was great also, I really liked the musical scene in the park. I mean isn’t that what a typical day in Central Park is like?


But then I realized, there were references in the movie that were taken from other movies.  Then I was hooked, mostly to see how many I could find.  So we used to watch the movie every time it was on TV.  You know how some stations are, they show a movie 30 times in a month so you have plenty of time to see it.  I was on a mission though, I like to find the little pieces in a film that pay homage to the classics. In an interview, director Kevin Lima said that there are “thousands” of specific details, scenes, actions and lines of dialogue that were purposely included as allusions to classic Disney films.

  • So here is a list of some of my favorite parts, I know there are many more.  Feel free to share your favorite moments in the comments below or on Facebook, otherwise “How Will She Know” or we know that you read it?
  • The storybook opening of Enchanted is a tribute to the openings of Snow White and the Seven DwarfsPinocchioCinderellaThe Sword in the StoneSleeping Beauty and a few other films.
  • Giselle’s initial personality is based on multiple Disney Princesses. Director Kevin Lima describes her as “about 80% Snow White, with some traits borrowed from Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty… although her spunkiness comes from Ariel of “The Little Mermaid
  • The news reporters name is Mary Ilene Caselotti.  Mary Costa voiced Aurora, Ilene Woods was the voice of Cinderella, and Adriana Caselotti voiced the first Princess Snow White.

References specific to Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs include:

  • Narissa disguises herself as a hag
  • Nathaniel tries to get Giselle to bite the poisoned apple that Narissa gives to him
  • Giselle calls a little person in New York Grumpy
  • “Happy Working Song” is paying homage to “Whistle While You Work”
  • Prince Edward calls the television Magic Mirror

In reference to Cinderella:

  • Giselle’s carriage looks similar to Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage.
  • Giselle uses Robert’s curtains and Morgan’s rug to make her dresses, this is in a reference to the dress that Cinderella’s mice friends make for her from things that her stepsisters weren’t using.
  • Prince Edward found his true love by using Giselle’s slipper and placing it on Nancy’s foot, and of course it was a perfect fit, just like the Prince found Cinderella.

In reference to The Little Mermaid:

  • Jodi Benson plays Robert’s secretary, Sam.  Jodi was the voice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid.
  • Giselle sings to her dream prince, just as Ariel does with the statue of Eric.
  • The Troll’s earrings are made of the shell bra Ariel wears.
  • As Giselle studies the fish tank at Robert’s office, an instrumental version of “Part of Your World” is played in the background.
  • “That’s How You Know” is an homage to “Under the Sea” and “Kiss the Girl” through its calypso beat.
  • Narissa’s lair is similar to Ursula’s lair.

In reference to Mary Poppins:

  • The woman selling birdseed in the park says, “Feed the birds,” like the Old Birdwoman.
  • One of the dancers in “That’s How You Know” also played a chimney sweep.
  • Robert is working a divorce case for a woman with the surname of Banks.

Some other Disney Movie references are:

  • Judy Kuhn makes a cameo appearance as one of the residents in Robert’s building.  She is credited as “Pregnant Woman with Kids”.  For those who don’t know, Judy Kuhn provided the singing voice of Pocahontas.
  • Julie Andrews, who is the narrator at the beginning of the film, has also played the title character in Mary Poppins as well as appearing in The Princess Diaries series as Queen Clarisse Renaldi.
  • The troll, while being flung into the next kingdom, does the Goofy holler, heard in many other Disney films and shorts.
  • The bus driver’s hair is shaped like the ears of Mickey Mouse.
  • Television clips watched by Prince Edward and Nathaniel in their hotel room.  According to the director Kevin Lima, “Everything on the television comes from a Disney film. Every image: Disney’s Robin Hood; there’s an image of Mortimer Snerd, a ventriloquist’s dummy that comes from Fun and Fancy Free. There’s a lot of dialogue that plays in the background that is all Disney referenced as well. The Spanish dialogues were from the Latin American version of Mickey and the Beanstalk, specifically the part where Mickey tries to coerce the giant into turning into a fly.”  Go ahead and Youtube it, you know you want to.
  • Bella Notte, the Italian restaurant that Giselle, Robert and Morgan eat at is a tribute to the song from Lady and the Tramp.
  • Giselle pulls Edward’s sword from the ballroom floor which serves as a reference to The Sword in the Stone.
  • The film references three Disney films still in the future at the time of Enchanted’s release: The Princess and the Frog (a frog falls into a sink and comes out with a crown of soap), Tangled (a play version is being performed during “That’s How You Know”, and Frozen (Idina Menzel, who voices Elsa, portrays Nancy).
  • Nerissa turns into a dragon, just like Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty.
  • When Edward flips through the channels on the TV, references are made to Robin HoodDumbo (the fanfare from “Pink Elephants on Parade” is heard), and Beauty and the Beast (the soap opera has Paige O’Hara, voice of Belle, playing a woman named Angela, a reference to Angela Lansbury, voice of Mrs. Potts arguing with a man named Jerry, a reference to Jerry Orbach, voice of Lumiere).
  • While shopping, Giselle and Morgan pass a shop called Calypso, a reference to the character from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.
  • Robert and Morgan’s last name is Philip, a reference to the prince from Sleeping Beauty.
  • Giselle is initially upside down when she falls through the fountain and lands in the manhole, a reference to Alice in Wonderland when Alice falls down the rabbit hole and lands upside down in Wonderland.
  • Narissa’s appearance in the soup pot when talking to Nathaniel is reference to the Disney Channel Original Movie, Return to Halloweentown, when Debbie Reynolds’ character, Agetha Cromwell, is talking to her daughter, Gwen Piper, in the same type of soup pot at the beginning of the Halloweentown film.

So what are some that we didn’t mention?  Let us know in the comment’s or on facebook.


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