How Well Do You Know… Snow White?

From the Disney Insider blog. Disney’s first princess is still one of the most beloved. See how much you know about the enchanting young lady who captured hearts back in 1937.


1) How old was Adriana Caselotti when she voiced Snow White?
A) 15
B) 18
C) 2

2) What is the first song Snow White sings in the film?
A) I’m Wishing
B) One Song
C) Whistle While You Work

3) Which dwarf steals extra kisses from Snow White?
A) Grumpy
B) Bashful
C) Dopey

4) What is Snow White’s stepmother’s name?
A) We never learn it – she’s just “the Queen”
B) Maleficent
C) Morgana

5) What kind of pie is Snow White baking for the dwarfs when the old hag appears?
A) Apple
B) Pumpkin
C) Gooseberry

6) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was the first …
A) Feature-length animated film
B) Disney feature film
C) Both!

7) Which type of flower makes Sneezy sneeze the worst?
A) Tulips
B) Daffodils
C) Goldenrod

8) What’s the name of the Queen’s hunter who she sends after Snow White?
A) Humbert
B) Horrace
C) Hansel

9) What’s the only thing that can revive Snow White, according to the Queen’s spell?
A) True love’s kiss.
B) Love’s first kiss.
C) A prince’s kiss.

10) How does the Queen address her mirror when she wants to know who is the fairest of them all?
A) Mirror, mirror on the wall.
B) Magic mirror on the wall.
C) Mirror, mirror, come to life.

Scroll down for the answers!


1) B – Adriana was a classically trained singer when she won the role.
2) A – Snow White wishes for her prince at the beginning of the film – and then he joins her by singing “One Song.”
3) C – Dopey’s pretty smart!
4) A – The Queen is never named in the film.
5) C – She’s working on a gooseberry pie when the disguised Queen suggests that apple might be better.
6) C – Snow White was a landmark in film history and Disney history alike.
7) C – It’s beautiful, but you can leave it out of the bouquet!
8) A – Humbert is told to take care of Snow White, but refuses to go through with it.
9) B – “The Victim of the Sleeping Death can be revived only by Love’s First Kiss.”
10) B – One of the most famous quotes from Disney history, and one of the most often misquoted!

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