E-Ticket Series ~ Hall of Presidents

April 19, 2013


By: Ariel1236

E-Tickets Series

This is the fifth of my articles are about the E-Ticket rides. For those of us too young to remember, the E-Ticket was the most coveted ticket in the ticket book a guest would buy. E-Tickets were for the biggest and best rides in the park. In June 1982 the ‘ticket’ system was replaced with the current system.

E-Tickets: No Politics Here

Elizabeth is the children’ grandmother, she has seen more than one president move in and out of the White House. She was never into politics but she was always a patriot, so her favorite attraction is The Hall of Presidents. The attraction originally was shown at the New York World’s Fair in 1964; it was originally going to be a wax museum.

When the show opened there were 36 animatronic figures, today there are 43. Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Barack Obama are A-100, they are the best figures right now, each finger can make full motions, the eyebrows and cheeks move. Elizabeth remembered when they added Pres. Clinton and Pres. Obama, Blaine Gibson did all the figures but Obama. That was left to Gibson’s apprentice, Valerie Edwards. Clinton, Bush, and Obama are the only presidents to have given their own voice for their figures. All the costumes are made to accurately represent the time the president was in office.

Elizabeth had no idea the theater is just as high tech as the presidents, the film was shot in 70mm, similar to IMAX film, and it helps to have the best picture on the big screen. That screen also is a 180 degree screen and fills a person’s vision.

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