Tips that may help you have a better trip in WDW

April 16, 2013



1. If you’re like me you sometimes forget what area you have parked in. Try taking a picture with your cell phone or you camera to help you remember incase you forgot.

2. If you hardly ever eat your sides that come with your entree, request that the side be left off and you can often save around $2.

3. Use the single rider on some of the most popular attractions to decrease your wait times.

4. Use the Disney Parks Mobile App to stay up to date with wait times, characters, and dining times. It’s free so what do you have to lose?

5. Make sure you make it for rope drop. Most of the time you can knock out most of the biggest attractions before the crowds really start to arrive.

6. If you’re not a parade person or have already seen each one many times, this is a prime time to hit some of the busier attractions.

7. If you have children to small to ride certain attractions, obtain a rider swap from a cast member. This will allow up to 5 people through the fast pass line. The rider swap does not count towards a fast pass.

8. Carry a poncho. If it rains, don’t leave. Tackle the inside rides.

9. If you get tired of buying bottled water, just go up to a counter service and they’ll give you a complimentary cup of ice water.

10. If you enjoy penny pressing, use pre 1982 pennies and place Lincoln’s head to the right in the coin press.

11. If you’re prone to blisters, buy some mole skin.

12. Buy a cheap pre-paid cell phone for children with programmed numbers in case they accidentally get separated.

13. Take advantage of the fastpass system. Just make sure you return to the attraction in time.

14. If you have real little ones, take advantage to the Baby Care Centers located in all 4 parks. They have rocking chairs, feeding rooms, and diaper changing rooms.

15. Know your child’s height before arriving to attraction. Cast Members are pretty strict on the height limits.

16. If you need them, each park has lockers located at the front of the parks.

17. If you’re going to be in the “World” for a special occasion, don’t forget to get your button that will showcase what that special occasion is.

18. In the parks, Sunshine Seasons and Electric Umbrella at Epcot, Tortuga Tavern and Be Our Guest Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom, Backlot Express in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Restaurantosaurus in Disney’s Animal Kingdom all have drink refill stations for free refills.

19. Free Wi-Fi is available at the theme parks and resort hotels.

20. If you’re staying at a Disney owned hotel, you can have all of the merchandise you purchase in the parks sent to your hotel.



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